So over the weekend Karon and I decided to retile the kitchen, Karon had been looking at color schemes for a while and had narrowed things down to a few tile styles so when we were killing time in Carbondale Friday we decided to hit Lowes and found some pretty and cheap ones we liked for the kitchen so we bought a fuckton of them and brought them home with us.

Speaking of coming home that night, despite what Karon says about it being because it is so hard to prove I rolled through a stop sign without video I think I disarmed the police officer when I corrected him on my gender at the start of the exchange. Suffice to say warning acquired. Don't be distracted by watching drunks on the side of the road rather than making sure there are no cops about when you come to a stop in Chester or else you might get pulled over for wanting to be past the drunken yahoos.

So most of yesterday and a chunk of today has been spent in moving furniture and applying our new tiles, I'm currently down to the hard part, being the parts I have to cut and the parts I have to move a fridge for. Was gonna take a nap in an attempt to recharge before hammering out the last of the floor but the kitties have been conspiring against me again, they woke me up at quarter to 8 and now they won't let me nap. Naughty adorable fuzzies.

So far the only major annoyance is that my knees are kinda bugging me from sitting on the floor working so much. Oh well almost done and then I get to start moving the furniture back to where it should be. And doing my homework that I have been ignoring all weekend. It's only reading assignments so I don't feel too bad about blowing it off. I mean I have 45 minutes on the train in the morning and then 40 minutes before chinese class and 40 minutes before my St.Louis and the West class. Plenty of time to at least skim my readings. Yeah ok this might all not get done tonight...

So weird thing in my mail the other day. I mean there was a lot of normal stuff, my birthday present for myself, my birthday/christmas present for Spivey, my book for my chinese history class, My Chinese Coach for DS, but then there was a letter from Philmont. Someone at OVC(Okaw Valley Council for the non scouters in my viewing audience) apparently tossed my name into a hat for people to send to some conference out at Philmont this summer. Philmont is one of the super awesome national camps that you get to go to if you're lucky, and by the read of the pamphlet(which is a little detail sparse in some regards) it sounds like while you do the conference thing you do get to do a lot of the stuff that you would have done if you came as a troop as well. It isn't even like a you've been selected as a candidate thing either by the read of it as their is an included approval code from OVC that is required for processing my application. It's just weird, this is the sorta thing I would have expected say 6 years ago when I was still working for OVC as camp staff, or even a few years later when people who knew me would have still been active, not a half decade later. Not to say I'm not interested either, it sounds kinda interesting, even though it is some kind of conference where I get trained and then am supposed to go back and share my experience with the council. The main thing is that I keep thinking lately about how I have no money really, and then here is this awesome thing that I could go do...but costs 500 for me to go on, and while I could apparently bring Karon I think if I'm reading it right it is another 350 then and to top it off I think this is just my fees for once I get there not travel expenses. There isn't like a bus from OVC, I have to drive my happy ass out to New Mexico to do this...frustration, I has it.


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