I'm feeling pretty dead tired right now and I blame the schedule I made myself. I had thought to myself if I have all my crap on two days except Chinese it would be great cause then Tuesday and Thursday I do all my homework for the week or some shit. That hasn't really been working yet. By the time I get home from class and Tai Chi on Monday and Wednesday its 715ish, in the case of yesterday by the time I had showered and gotten done with the grocery run Karon and I made it was after 9. As a result I've spent today mostly feeling dead on my feet.

Of course the whole falling on some ice this morning didn't help me feel better today. Upside is that I haven't felt any residual twinges so I think i landed right to not twist or do any serious injury to myself. It hurt like hell when I hit the ground and I was a little worried my laptop might have been hurt in the fall but it booted fine. It gets jostled around in my pack and probably unslung and set down to hard way too often but keeps on running like a trooper so far.

Of course now that I mentioned it the next time I look at it the damn thing will probably explode.

Tai Chi yesterday was pretty hard, arguably I haven't done it in two years now but it felt good to get back into it even if I was cranky and sugar crashy by the time I got home.

I also picked up the rockband ACDC thinger the other day at malwart for $20. Was 18ish songs and the ones I played are pretty fun, but I'm a little disappointed. As far as I can tell it does not actually install the songs to your hard drive so you can only play them from the expansion disc and thus not use your characters from rockband itself, this seems weird as I'm pretty sure the whole concept of downloadable content and installing expansions is sorta second nature to rockband in general and not unheard of on the 360 what with games like Oblivion and FF11. This lack of functionality is a little confusing to say the least.

First Chinese test of the semester is tomorrow and I'm thoroughly convinced I am going to bomb it. I seriously am no where close to being back up to speed yet, I'm pretty sure none of us are, and have barely started to process the new characters for the unit.

Other annoyances of late are limited to my earmuffs breaking the other day. I went to put them on and they just snapped clean in half, I have no idea why, but now my ears are cold on the metrolink platforms which really sucks. I also have no idea where mom bought them for me. During the malwart run that got me my lil rockband expansion thing I failed to find any replacement earmuffs and stocking caps just doesn't work with my hair so if anyone knows where I can find replacement ear coverings let me know.

Okay I'm mostly ranted out so I'm gonna try doing some studying or something for a bit.


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