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( Mar. 6th, 2009 08:20 am)
and i know the weekend wont be long enough to recover

I don't really feel like going into detail on the stuff that had me frustrated, be assured though Chinese was involved.

the happy story though, we got to game last night. Karon's game was super fun, there was lots of fun had by all, lots of laughs were had by all. I suspect Matt will have difficulty with us as we've got a full party of in character players. We spent most of the night chattering in character. Great party interaction, we had two characters that are Ravenloft locals and two that are new to the realm of shadows. We has one quasi fight, with a 0 level npc, that Katie from my Chinese class dropped him with a called shot to the arm, after the hilarity of the monk and npc both botching on a grapple check, so as we put "they both fell down during their slap fight."

So far I'm the party's cajun aunt in a way. I've spouted some earthy wisdom and made gumbo laced with goodberries. I'm still enjoying the role if nothing else because of the interaction. Everyone freaking out over my "walking log," just wait till the gator gets a hold of something in a fight. We, don't have a main damage dealer/tanky character at the moment, the gator is the closest we have, and seriously, seriously, gator is mean.

Looking forward to next session in two weeks.


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