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( Mar. 7th, 2009 02:05 am)
watchmen was good, not great, but good

the trailers were pretty damn badass, I didn't know there was a new terminator movie even in the works, was not a new wolverine trailer but it was the first time i saw it somewhere other than youtube, I might almost be excited about this star trek movie now...maybe

it was really amazingly nice today

I forgot to detail Dinah as GM cat in my earlier post, Karon had been sitting in her chair GMing when Dinah hopped up into her lap and proceeded to help by occasionally nuzzling the adventure to a different page. Working theory is she noticed when Karon overlooked something in the module and was trying to direct her to the parts she wasn't doing according to spec

Druids are sickly broken. I mean seriously, at level 9 I'm going to have a pretty kickass spell selection, wildshape, and a pet that does 2d6+9 damage on a bite with a 21 AC and evasion, that is really darn overpowered

Chester gas continues to kick the butt of local gas prices. Of course if I actually drove anywhere in St. Louis county I could probably get cheaper.

I've only had two responses to my email about doing stuff on my birthday, neither of which were actually positive sounding

Dinah is being super cute

I'm a sleepy monkey


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