I also should check mystalk to see if people left any comments over there.

So I'm 27, thus ends the boring news.

The birthday went really well in my opinion, a couple people had to bail because of fatigue, bad group presentations, work, etc, but enough people made it that I didn't have any twinges of "blah people secretly don't like me." Seriously if you don't like me just tell me so I can stab you in the eye and call it even.

So we went to the Japanese place I like, cause it is the only time of the year I have an excuse to. It was really tasty and much fun was had by all, the hibachi chef did something new this year where he caught bowls in his hat, always neat to see something new.

Eel and Rhiannon got to meet some of my other friends and the others got to meet them. I think Josef might have scared Rhiannon a bit. After dinner we went back home and played apples to apples for...a while. I'm not really sure when we got home, but Josef, Jason and Karla left at 1:30ish so we played for a long time, quite probably till Eel and Rhiannon got home to Carbondale.

Did I mention my ice cream cake was super tasty and full of minty win. Coldstone is a helluva lot more expensive than DQ, but I think it is really worth it.

Day two of the birthday weekend we ran down to Carbondale for Karon's appointment and then went and hung out with our buddy Rich. Rich played enablement bingo by poking me at video games I might want and stalling long enough for the by two get one free sale to make me go ahead and grab a lot more than I might otherwise have bought. But got two "new" games for me on 360 and a ps2 game Karon thought looked neat. A little after that we smoseyed on home.

Saturday was spent in large playing my new games and watching classic Star Trek. Karon had seen maybe three episodes before and been unimpressed because one which she saw repeatedly was the one with the gorn which is arguably kinda lame. So after our classic Trek movie marathon back at New Years she's started watching the old series and has been making some excellent headway. The past few weeks now we've probably watched an episode or two a night before bed.

Sunday saw the weekend coming to its natural end and I finally got to hang out with my buddy AJ and his wife Andrea. We went over and ended up playing Wii Yahtzee of all things and eating dinner. Conversation was mainly playing catchup with the usual round of when are we gonna get married. We made our escape after they played the but what about you two having kids card. Red Alert! Shields to maximum! Scotty we need warp speed now!

So that was the birthday weekend, all in all pretty darn good.

Monday morning I was sick, like right after I got to school, and two more times before I had to go to class. I'm thinking it might be the fake crab. I think 80% of the times I've gotten sick after having Chinese food it has involved crab rangoon. So my current working theory is that fake crab and I don't mix. Interesting since I really don't like actual crab that much either.

I came home I took a nap with Dinah on the couch while watching Hudson Hawk, did my homework, and futzed away the evening.

I also got a couple new cute kitty picks of Dinah. Ash continues to not let me get quality pictures of him. He just doesn't really photo well. The trials of being a black cat I suppose.


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