It could just be the Spring Semester blahs, but that and depression, ya know they go hand and hand.

I dunno what's up really, I've just been bored and disinterested in just about everything. School hasn't been grabbing me since Spring Break ended and my motivation has really been in the shitter. It took me three weeks to get up the effort to do my taxes and another week to get up the energy for my FAFSA. It took me a grand total of 45 minutes to do them both.

I've been trying to get up the urge to work on a couple of papers for a few weeks now, hasn't really happened yet. Maybe this weekend. It's not even a weird I want the semester to be over, cause I really don't have that I just sorta wanna curl up and take a nap for a month.

Not sure what I'm doing for the summer yet, I was thinking about taking this review class for Chinese so you don't forget everything, but it's three and a half hours two days a week. I'm really not sure I could put up with Le Laoshi for that long in one shot.



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