and when I say stupid I mean stupid. For this he wants us to locate 10 journal articles on two topics, two really obscenely difficult to build a search parameter for topics, and then write a one page review of one of the articles explaining how it is pertinent to the subject of the search. So first of all, build a working bibliography? That is not take home test material in my book, and secondly ten articles? I'm lucky when I dig that many up on something I give a shit about let alone some bullshit you didn't actually cover in class lectures and want to fuck us with on your damn take home test.Further on my outrage'ometer is a question that involves us detailing locations on the Oregon Trail in a book we were never assigned to read. It was not on the book list for the class, I know, I bought my books, the week after classes started, we were never told to read this book and yet there it is on the take home test. I fucking hate this teacher and I swear I will never take another class he fucking teaches just to avoid the insipid asshattery of his tests. I genuinely dread the mere concept of the actual final because I can't see what he would force on us as test questions seeing as what he normally gives us is in no way, shape, or form related to the material he has covered in the class.
and I did the middle school portion of the test which involved my drawing a map of the Oregon Trail.


So far I have completed my two sets of bibliographies, most of the articles therein are likely spurious as I didn't read most of them just the abstracts and they looked at least kinda valid, a map of the Oregon Trail, and a one page description of one of the aforementioned spurious articles. I somehow took an article about the economic impact of steamboats on the Mississippi River system and made it sound interesting. I don't know how, I'm gonna blame fatigue. I didn't even embellish it much.
and holy crap, that article actually was talking about the material of the question

I'm shocked and appalled, if that keeps up it might seem like I was actually trying on this thing.
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( Apr. 27th, 2009 04:44 am)
Ash has had a really hard weekend. Karon's mom has been over the past two days so he spent most of the weekend in hiding from teh scary new person, and has really only gotten up the nerve to come out really late after shes gone and for the few hours of the morning before she showed up. So here I am, up at an odd hour and Bitten has brought me an assortment of his toys and is proceeding to play by himself and make cute noises at me to show how much fun his toys are and how I would surely feel better after playing with him for a while. Tricksy lil kitty.

and ya know what? out of all the all nighters I've pulled since my glorious return to real college I have to say this one has somehow been the least painful.

Considering it came after having spent ten hours today working on a term paper that really seems shocking.

status update: 1 question and change remaining, home stretch.
final page count including that piss poor map I drew is 9 pages. which is to say I've produced 23 pages since I got up yesterday morning,

Yeah fuck chinese class, I need a nap.
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( Apr. 27th, 2009 02:09 pm)
I hate not knowing where my syllabus is

I think I heard someone say we needed to have a lot more sources than I actually had.

panic panic panic