So earlier today Karon and I were in Carbondale during this.

I mean it was kinda nasty in Chester on our way down, but it was rather nice when we got to Murphysburo so we thought ya know we were in the clear. Then it got shitty again in Cdale. I swear every time I'd turn to try to get over towards SIUC something would come down across the road,either a tree, a power line, both. We ended up down by the mall sheltering in Macy's loading dock on the leeward side of the building.

Who knew I'd get to say I lived through a hurricane without going to Florida during the stupid season?

Got home around...630 I think, I was getting tired by then, I'd been driving most of the day when we weren't hiding behind the mall and the adrenaline had pretty well died off by that point leaving pretty dead on my feet. Sadly we did not make it to see Star Trek yet so, you can tell me if its cool or not, but no details thanks. In other news I had my first Chalupa today and it was pretty damn tasty.



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