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( May. 12th, 2009 06:09 pm)
cause I need to get back to my paper actually. 8 pages so far by the by.

On the finals so far, omfg, what the hell Chinese. What the hell. I seriously bombed that test. How seriously you may ask? The 30 points of extra credit I did beforehand brought me up to a fucking 81 that's how bad. Somehow I pulled an A- for the semester though and I won't complain there.

And while I got an A in my St. Louis and the West class, I got it and even didn't have to take the final, I still want to go back and punch the instructor in the throat. See I lost 7 points on my term paper and there was a rubric included to tell me why. A point for style, a point for a few run on sentences, another point for I don't give a fuck, the point is he took off 4 points, so more than half of what he took off was because of the following: "Do not use Internet sources for serious research." Never mind that half of the government information out there is really only attainable from the net. Never mind that their are plenty of online scholarly sources, ran and maintained by historians or professionals of many fields. My Internet sources which are not to be used for serious research came from fucking scholarly journals that were located online in a database. So I was marked down for having the academic honesty to fucking properly cite my sources the way I was trained to rather than god damn leaving off the accessed from JSTOR/Ebsco lines. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, you technobic, small dicked, asshat. If I had somehow not gotten an A on the fucking paper and that was why, I would have fucking gone to the dean and contested that. I also would have reported him for not using the fucking blackboard site which the school actually requires him to do rather than hand out printed copies of assignments and syllabi. And why do they require it? Primarily to cut paper costs, but also because they realize that students can't keep hold of things for three weeks let alone 4 months and rather than have professors provide four or five copies to some absent minded students they're putting the bill off on us. Which is great, I like having an online syllabus and class calendar I can go check when I can't remember when something is due, rather than spending an hour frantically searching for a fucking take home test prompt the day before it's due when I realize I forgot to do one of the questions the other day when I was working on it.

Ok that rant took a lot longer than I wanted to spend on this entire post, so yeah, so far not to bad, more as it comes in.
though sweet monkey jeebus on a pogostick I have a freakin 8am exam in poli sci tomorrow. 8am exam means i need to be on the train before 7 to ensure I get to school on time. This means I have to be up and moving at that quaint time of day I refer to as ass rape o'clock.

Ya know its when I use terms like that when I wonder if lj adds the are you 14 thinger to a post or if I need to do that manually.

anyway, finished up my paper and I spent the last hour putting in the footnotes. Turabian, I love you, you and your Ibid. So much easier than parenthetical citations in my mind. Precitation mass was 12 pages after adding 56 footnotes I broke onto page 13. Seems respectable for an undergrad level paper. I'm gonna miss ten page length requirements when I finally reach grad school in two years.

shower time, night everybody


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