I attempt to post at multiple places via the cross posting thing at dreamwidth.

So yeah Karon set me up with one of these things, its neat, I just haven't really had time to play with it yet.

Well we're back from our ten day vacation visiting the Darcy, fun seems to have been had by all. Got in some quality visiting time, played some quality tabletop rpgs online via skype, played with quality kittehs, and made some super awesome quality food. Apparently Nutella can be used in freaking everything, from some tasty cookies I made, to cheesecake, to crepes(we didn't make this but I saw it at IHOP this morning).

We also left Darcy with enough breakfast burritos to last a month so she should be ok for breakfast foods.

Man I want this radio station we picked up in Virginia this morning in St. Louis. It started off with a song by Rush, then some Disturbed, and the set finished out with some Wallflowers. I want that station so bad.

I swear, I must be getting old or something, this isn't my first time doing the Virginia drive, but down there and back this time really seemed to take it out of me. I'm starting to get why my parents would always be kinda tired and cranky when we'd stop for the night on vacations. And no it wasn't because we were horrible fighting kids, honestly we fought more when we stopped for the night than in the car, Mike and I were always nose deep in books and Jen would be doing crosswords or something.

I'm rambling what else was I gonna talk about?

Oh, so yay Ash didn't forget us! We got home and Dinah was all meowy and excited and rubby and so we stopped and petted her some and when we got to the library Ash was on the windowsill and looked shocked cause it had been so long since he'd seen his people and then he jumped down under the table. Karon was scared he'd gone feral again and we'd have to coax him out again, but we sat down on the floor and he came over and was also a happy rubby playful kitteh with his peoples. Hurray! Our kittys remembered us and still love us after ten days of being left with strange people comign to feed them.

Alright sleepytime now.


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