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( Feb. 23rd, 2010 09:01 pm)
so we broke down and finally got the Ghostbusters game that came out last year. Ya know, I've lamented the lack of Fallout 3 in this house since it came out, but this game I really wish I had known to go out and get. I mean sure Fallout is Fallout, but this is freaking Ghostbusters.

More to the point the people in the game look rather like they did in the movies, with the exception of Janine, I'm not sure why the render of Annie Potts seems so far from the real Annie Potts, but everyone else is pretty spot on. Maybe it is just because she spends most of her time behind the desk in the office so you only ever see her up close the one time, while everyone else is running with you constantly. More so than looking like who they should be, but they got the old crew together for the voice work. Harold Ramis, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, freaking Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore. Even Annie Potts was back as Janine. They even dug up the actor that played Peck. I pretty well geeked out all over this while I was playing it.

The games difficulty was a little jacked up, which is to say wtf Stay Puft in the second freaking level? The Second Level? There were also some areas that it definitely seemed like you got swarmed under way too easy. I mean seriously, when I have all four of the classics with myself the rookie in one place at the same time, ghosts should not have a chance, quite probably they should be busted. Instead that usually is a sign that the shit is about to get so real that you wish you had Rick Moranis along to use as bait for the ghosts to dogpile while the useful ghostbusters do the fighting. The upside is that while you get knocked down rather easily you get up almost as easily. Healing a person is sorta like playing tag. You run over and help them on to there feet and then they're good to go again. Only when everyone hits the ground is it a game over and then the game restores back to one of its many checkpoints.

So yeah, I really enjoyed this game, if you have a system that can play it, you should, after all it is down to $20 at walmart now.


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