Karon and I spent all day, well since like 3ish, cleaning her old trailer and God am I tired.

But honestly that has nothing to do with this post, you don't want to hear about it and I don't feel like talking about it.

No see this is about me, more about a job opportunity, but cause I'm scared cause this is something I really really want, but don't want to get rejected I could use some motivation pep talking. See there is a freelancing gig or gigs, number needed is vague in the posting, at of all people Crafty Games. Crafty broke off from parent company AEG to go rogue and maintain the Spycraft setting and line of books when AEG decided to drop them buying out the intellectual property rights to the original books when they splintered off.

So you know, long time gamer, amateur writer, gm, and setting designer, and here's a free lance gig writing for a company which I really like their settings and would enjoy to work for even in the loosest meaning of the words.

I am twitchy and scared shitless by the prospect.

I mean, people enjoy my games, I think. People think my concepts for settings are neat...at least they tell me that to my face. Okay so the point here is that I'm really needing someone to tell me yes I should do this, people that have either been in games I've ran or have read anything I've written in the last six years or so I would really appreciate feedback or suggestions about possible things you've seen I might use as part of my writing submissions to go with the appliction.

Taking Benadryl and painkillers to hopefully knock down my headache and knock me out.
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