I didn't think it was possible to displace an incident between me and Cubbie several years back as my least favorite cat moment. Good job, Ash.

The former champion: I was down visiting Karon at Darcy's place in Virginia and awoke with a cat on my head. In the moments of startlement as we both jostled awake Cubbie knicked my face, some bleeding and swearing resulted and I generally was annoyed with Cubbie for a long while, I've mostly forgiven him.

The new winner: So just now I was changing discs in the XBOX. I had just watched the original Transformers: the Movie(1986) and Ash was chilling on the pinball machine. I thought he looked like he could use some petting so I went over to say hi. I then noticed that well, he was sitting on the flat side of sharp object and not wanting him to hurt himself I scooped him up towards me so he wouldn't be injured. Unfortunately this sorta startled Ash and he really has bad claw control. So I've got a fun long slice in my top and bottom lip, the bottom one is more worrying as it is actually inside my mouth where all sorts of germs can breed. Bravo Ash, Bravo. I still love you, but we're fucking getting you safe paws.
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