Didn't make a fuss about it cause well, I was tired.

Also yes I still suck and haven't sent in my resume or writing sample yet, it may be forthcoming though because now that I am home with no one to talk to and nothing to do I'm getting kinda twitchy.

Case in point, so Karon and I had been talking about redoing the cushions for the dining room chairs for a while, Karon had even gone so far as to acquire fabric and some padding. So a few hours ago in the midst of some twitchiness I randomly decided to check and see how hard it was to get the seats off the chairs. Turned out to be relatively easy actually as I had a screwdriver on the table even from my recent assembly of Karon's birthday desk chair. So with seat off I went looking for padding and then fabric, then stopped partly because I don't know how fancy Karon was gonna go with these. If she wants a zippered cover that can be opened and restuffed on a whim I can't go cutting willy nilly. Yet also if I try to cut the fabric in such a way to accommodate slipcases for all the seats I'll have to be especially careful in my cuttery.

Having sufficiently stymied myself I still felt the need, the need to do something, and that's when after playing catch with Ash for ten minutes I noticed as I went to fetch the ball as he "lost" it the spot of kitchen floor that was not like the rest. See when we launched the kitchen retiling we stopped at the fridge. I forget if there was an intent to inquire if it had rollers(it does by the way) or look into cleaning it out to move it easier, whatever the reason we had stopped just short of done. So with my nervous energy to burn I worked the fridge up over the lip of the new tile and then rolled it out and set about the floor in a flurry of sweeping, cleaning and productivity. I am now happy to say that the floor is done(well mostly there is still this narrow strip under the cabinets which is gonna take me cutting a bunch of tiles into inch wide slivers to cram into the gap but you can't bloody see it without getting on your knees).

I also mowed my lawn today and watered the garden, but that isn't nearly as awesome as the floor under the fridge matching the floor throughout the rest of the damn room. I think now though it is time for a tall glass of water and maybe some more Firefly.

Tomorrow I think I'm gonna go look for some padding Matt and I had in the basement for some project or other, the stuff Karon has seems kinda thin so I worry it will just compress down after a few months(not that the dining room chairs get a lot of use, but still).


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