So I got an email back from Crafty Games. The important part as follows is:

Again, thanks for joining the Crafty team! We can’t wait to see what
you cook up.

Patrick Kapera
Crafty Games

So I needs to cook up five ideas for articles to submit and then they'll get back to me about what they actually, ya know, need/want.

to clarify the part you might not recognize Sweet Monkey Jeebus On a Pogo Stick

Jeebus on a pogostick is trademark Smiling Raccoon Enterprises, we even had a car magnet of the Jeebus fish on a pogostick done up. This is why Matt and I should never talk about my random ideas, he makes them happen. One of these days I'm gonna be all like we should build a robot army and the next week he'll come by with a prototype complaining about not being able to find good enough shielding for it to have a nuclear power cell that we have to live with them having batteries.

So yeah...I...uh...oh, yeah there's my train of thought. Today was Karon and my fifth anniversary. We had a slow start, I felt kinda in need of a shower this morning but I hadn't done anything to really merit it so I decided to play an hour of DDR. Have I mentioned the new DDR disc Karon picked up has some insane tracks on it. Freaking light mode song that is 8star difficulty. Eight. If you push it all the way up to max difficulty it actually raps around a second layer of stars of difficulty. I don't know if I've seen that before. So anyway, after my leg nearly seized up doing that song I took my shower and we were off. We got a tasty salad and other vitals from the Schnucks in Fairview's deli and salad bar thing including some really tasty potato wedges and then we hit the park to eat. Then we went to another park to hang out and walk a bit, long acre was really crowded so I felt the need to go to Pleasant Ridge. Little later still and we swung by the Jo-Ann's Fabric to pick up some padding to redo the chairs with.

Speaking of, there is actual fucking padding on the dining room chairs now. Seriously, those godawful things that the house came with now are actually comfortable and rather appealing to look at. I am shocked, shocked and appalled. Also reupholstering furniture takes a long time. Even when you're just doing chair cushions. I started at like 530, maybe got done around 930 though I suspect it was closer to ten.

But yeah. Happy Anniversary to us. We got renovated chairs, and I guess I got a writing job...

I'm gonna go hide in a corner now.
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