let me tell you about Chinese, my teacher can die in a fire. I gave up on doing well this semester, it isn't happening, I'm aiming for the magic I'm done C.

Changing subjects because I can.

So in teaching methods we learned that as professionals you never let your students make their groups because that's how you end up with the group that has the worst students academically, or behaviorally. It applies at all grade levels because even in college you get the students that aren't very outgoing and so they have trouble making friends quickly and thus might be floundering and groupless otherwise. So in my ed psyc class we had to form groups, only one in which we were not being modeled the instructor formed groups. Now I'm fairly outgoing and talkative, however due to extenuating circumstances I was not in class when groups were formed and thus I am sans group. I've tried joining several and been told that when they tried adding someone before that the teacher said they had too many as is. So it begs the question, why then were at least the people who missed that day placed in groups, or even told before three weeks later that hey they already made groups for the big group project.

And that brings me to my big gripe this semester in teacher education the communication breakdown. So we're college students, we're training to be professionals, we expect a certain degree of professionalism from our instructors. So when I miss a day of class, and I get an email response from a friend in the class that doesn't make sense I send an email to the instructor asking if I was interpreting the email correctly. Basically a hey, so this is what I think this was saying because they were using shorthand you taught in the lecture I missed am I interpreting it correctly. The response I get back from the instructor is "Well I guess you should get someone better to tell you what you missed in class." That was it. The fucking hell? All I needed was a yes or no and maybe some clarification and instead I get a snarky non answer.

Subject change again, I am catching you up on a while after all.

So this is only a redirection as this is still in communication. I have still heard nothing back from the school I am supposed to do my classroom observations at. After 3 weeks at least since I emailed them. According to protocol we're actually not supposed to call because that can be considered solicitation or some bullshit. The COE though isn't being helpful about getting responses to any of their students about anything this year though.

Yet another subject change.

Fantasy Craft is a really interesting pseudo 3.5 system developed by CraftyGames. I'm enjoying the system mechanics, but I find the book poorly organized. I think I need some like colored tabs to stick into it for quick reference.


Will is getting married this week, I'm not looking forward to the bill from the tux rental or the motel room. Ya know, this is something that sorta annoys me. It annoyed me less when Keith did it to me, largely cause I like Keith more, but ya know, those of us still in class, that don't work to try and keep our grades up, we generally don't have the money to be throwing around on tux rentals and motel rooms after driving to wherever for your wedding. So would you do us all a favor and consider us and not make us have to put up with it. I'm sure most everyone owns at least one suit they could wear, why do I need to drop the 120 for a tux, another 100+ for a motel and then pay for several tanks of gas in travel plus eating out while gone. Thank you for killing my budgeted money for Christmas.


I'm gonna go look at some lolcats before ed psy, for my sanity.
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