gives me rage, so much rage at the moment.

Ok so the other day I answered my phone in my sleep, something I have done in the past. Now apparently I hit a series of buttons, which navigated some menus and turned on the security features on the phone. So the next time I tried using my phone it prompted me for a pin, something I never set, and when I failed to guess it randomly it locked me out and asked for a different code. A code that the manual told me my provider could get me. So I went to the At&T store, the problem I had was that Mike had not added me as a verified user on my phone, so I can't fix things that go wrong with it, only he the account holder can. So after I happened to see Mindi at my parents the other day, I gave her my phone to take to Mike to get fixed. Next day I got it back and it was fine, that was Friday.

So today we were doing presentations in class so, being courteous to my classmates I turned off my damn phone, see there's that rage again. When I turned my phone back on after class, it prompted me for the pin again. Oh joy of joys. I tried three different pins this time chosen at random. The options it isn't for the record are: the access code for my voicemail which seemed an obvious choice, the last 4 digits of my number, 1420, my birth year, mike's birth year, the day and month of either of our births. Now I'm back to the code that I don't have, and that I suspect they didn't give to Mike, I bet they just plugged it in and handed him back the phone. Not that I can check since I can't call him, phone being locked and all.

Now Mike said that he added me this time so I can go fix it, I'm not in the mood to drive to Fairview to find out otherwise though, so I'm waiting for dad to get home, as he knows Mike's social security number which is one of the things I have to have to prove I'm who I am not in order to get them to tell me how to fix my phone.

Oh yeah I'm still alive.
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