Ok I think I'm calling this week a wash, my motivation is not here. I will go to class and pantomime being there, I might actually watch the videos I'm supposed to make comments on for my education of the exceptional child class...by Thursday, it isn't happening tonight.

So guess what, no I can't fix my phone myself, I decided to try that today to no avail. Tomorrow I try the pretending I'm Mike thing. Cause again, my motivation is shot. Only so much stupid I can take in a day and Chinese really eats up most of it. And then makes me want to stab myself in the face with a dessert fork.

Now okay, I'm not the smartest person as far as politics and what not go, but I want to see if everyone else sees what I'm getting at here. You've got Bill A that provides healthcare for people, alright. Now you've got medical procedure B, which the government says "shut the fuck up we said its legal a while ago." Now proviso C is trying to make it so that not only can I not use the healthcare from the bill A on procedure B, but that if I have private insurance paid for with my own moneys that I can't use it on procedure B. Now hold on while I am flabbergasted by this.

I don't care where you stand on abortion, that just doesn't make sense. It is a legal medical procedure, the government even has it on the books that it's legal. I'm not using my personal or public health insurance to say, clone me a new lung, which is illegal, I'm using it to do something that the federal government says I have the right to do, but that I apparently don't even have the right to do with the insurance that I pay for myself. That's like saying I couldn't use my insurance to cover gun wound care because I shouldn't have put myself in a situation where I could be shot.

With this in mind I would like to table a plan for Illinois and Quebec to secede from there respective nations to form a new country, the country of "Suckit Trebekia." Since we'll be starting fresh we can build a health care system that makes sense from the ground up. We'll also ban the electoral college because no one really likes them anyway.
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