ok it isn't really funny, but you're gonna listen to me bitch about it anyway.

So it was raining the other day which got water in the car and a vast quantity of humidity both from damp air, water absorbed by the seats, exhalations etc. So the other day I went out to my car for something and thought odd, that layer of frost, with all the snow I wouldn't have thought there would be enough moisture in the air to frost. So yeah the inside of my car has a layer of frost. I'm currently, cause the weather is cooperating and giving me a warm day that it would naturally defrost, running my car while it sits still to defrost. I'll go check on it after I'm done with this post, I figure that will be a decent amount of time to start warming up.

So Karon got me Dragon Age for Christmas. You can also call it crack. In that horribly addictive way that Knights of the old Republic and just about every other Bioware RPG has been. Even more so though it grabs me in a way that few of their games of late have because it is an actual fantasy game. None of the silly jedi malarky or KOTOR2's pimp your lightsaber mechanic. Elves, dwarves, and humans kicking medieval butt.

Perhaps the one thing that gets me is the level of gore. I mean seriously I used to play a game by this company where I had a party of characters wielding paired lightsabers and tossing thermal detonators and there wasn't as much blood and meat chunks as this. I figure it either was the kotor weapons just vaporizing things or jedi must unconsciously create a telekinetic barrier to keep the blood and meat chunks out of their hair. In Dragon Age if you get into a fight with swords and axes at the end it looks like you were in a fight with swords and axes. Your armor gets pretty much covered in blood after a pitched fight against a half dozen or more enemies. I was a little shocked at first because in my mind this is quite a bit more graphic and realistic than the exploded in meat chunks as scorpion pulls a dudes spine out from my youth.

Story wise I dig it, I love the setting and kinda want to run a d&d game in it. It has a lot of really impressive details that it gives you from the organization of the major religion to racial slurs used by the different groups against each other. Elves call humans shemlon(translates as child race or some such) while humans call them knife-ears. Dwarves are somewhat analogous to a cross between klingons and the roman empire(pre-caesar). Humans are your fairly standard medieval european kingdom set up. Elves I find quite interesting in that they can be likened to the breakdown of medieval jewish demographics, the city elves live in ghettos like were established in many early cities to contain the unwanted members of society while the wood elves live like gypsies moving from place to place to avoid drawing attention to themselves whenever possible and trying to hold on to their ancient traditions.

Alright time to check my car.
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