nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh

Don't worry I don't expect you to get that reference, and no I'm not gonna explain it.

So anyway, I was reading the school paper yesterday and encountered something that outraged me. There was a particular crazy in my writing class, that stood out among the ordinary crazy, and if you've taken a writing class you should know crazy that stands out above the normal level of crazy is some serious crazy. So the article in the "Current" is interviewing Crazymus Prime about her book and how she is now a published author.

Crazy got published. Crazy that wrote some of the most mind numbing pseudo religious and frequently rapey stories and giggled insanely in class got published.

Let's just say my blood boiled for a while.

So today I happened to run into one of my friends from said writing class and voiced my outrage, my and he filled me in on what the article didn't tell, because apparently she was "published" back during the second writing class, I didn't take it because it conflicted with Chinese. So she had sent out an email telling everyone in the class about it because she was so happy that she got "published." He had been similarly outraged at the time, because her writing really hadn't improved any in the second semester, not even mechanically let alone in regard to the content. So you notice those quotes I started throwing up around published. Yeah that is because she self published. She found a place that will print anything you give them for $2000, and will give you a couple hundred copies to sell, give away, whatever.

This elicited a laugh of relief, but then further consternation in the shoddy reporting done by the school paper. Sure it might be a school paper, who expects fact checking when professional papers frequently don't anymore. The problem is that the article is blatantly misleading, making it out as this big thing of a student done well, making her way up through the school's writing classes to become a published writer. This sort of bad reporting really pisses me off.

Gonna try to actually pay attention for the rest of my class and not focus on this.
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