I've been coming up with lots of random game ideas, some old some new, most I know I will never get a chance to run.

First of all the Dragon Age game is going well, I'm not bred with it, I think the players are still interested. I'm just coming up with other shit I want to do.

Spycraft-several games actually. I really want to run that game I started a year ago again. It was fun. I would like to have at least Eel, Rhiannon and Karon in it still. Unfortunately wanting that means it will take that much longer to get it on cause they're not easily available to game. Also I want to run the phantasy star game I was planning a few years back that never happened. It was going to be pso inspired and I thought it would be fun. It would at least be fun for a while till people realized I was being really lazy and just following the games story, not that anyone paid attention to the story in pso...

Fantasycraft-I kinda wanna try my old fantasy setting with fc, draconic heritage would work for nedrein...sorta. I haven't actually played in the waters of my old setting in years so I wouldn't mind the opportunity.

Rifts-This is bizarre because I actually have two Rifts games I want to run in mind. First is an actual like role playing one, shocking for Rifts I know. But the main idea would be a group of characters out of Triax going to establish trade relations between the NGR and the Russian warlords, wacky hijinx ensue. The other one is a weird cross over game, just because I think it would run better in Rifts. Legend of the Five Rings, Third Day of Thunder, the thousand years of darkness may finally end as the thunders are born again into a greatly changed emerald empire. Scorpion clan mystic ninja vs kolat cyber ninja.,Crab clan bushiborgs, Unicorn clan power armor cavalry, aww yeah.

Hunter-Did you know that Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is like a thing now? There is a Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter(I'm reading this now) and Queen Victoria Demon Hunter. So this is almost more of a con game. Run using hunter from whitewolf in a gaslight setting play as various famous actual people as they battle the forces of darkness during the 19th century. Great as a con game because then it can be episodic with player pools specific to the location, because as awesome as Abe Lincoln the vampire hunter is, he really never left the continent. Hell I don't think he went very far west of the Mississippi even. This idea has plenty of potential though.

Exalted-I really want to run Autochthonian invasion. Always have since before I bought the damn book, even more after I did.

The semester finally ended, so I have free time again. I've missed free time.


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