so long shitty lil escort, i was sick and tired of your cramped seats

as of 1500 this afternoon my sunfire is returned to me

mind you the accident was the night of the first. my poor lil car has been gone from me for nigh unto 50 days. Thats a fuckin long time to get a car fixed in my mind. part of the problem as ive been told was that the central support column had to be replaced which involved getting a new one fabricated in detroit as, well, they dont typically have extra ones laying about. but now my lovely lil car is home and ever so shiny. freshly painted...i should have requested a different colout but i didn't think of it. oh and shes been waxed too. ive never gotten my car waxed before, that seemed something for people with nice expensive type vehicles and not for me. my car is to get me where im going. it is to get dirty and weathered to show the marks of my journeys.

its like why i still wear the one duster despite it being all beaten up. the memories inherent in the wear

but i must say my shiny smooth car is a wonderful thing. im i keep touching it as i go past to eat dinner, to get clothes for work, a while ago when i was after some aspirin for my headache. i dont get why i find it so impressive i just do. i may have to get my car waxed from time to time now just to marvel at how smooth it makes it

it is so fuckin weird that im all gushy over a car.

so i went to talk to colin at the gamestop in ofallon. ill be picking up 5-10 hours a week through the holidays most like. and depending on how it goes i may be getting a full ga position and halfway decent hours once the season is over. time will tell. also i may go insane from the brief span by which i will be working two jobs and going to school. though arguably ill have written my last paper of the semester shortly and its all gravy from there.

time to get me something to drink, eat a bit of pie, and pet the car. then its off to work with me



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