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( May. 20th, 2010 11:54 pm)
I've been coming up with lots of random game ideas, some old some new, most I know I will never get a chance to run.

First of all the Dragon Age game is going well, I'm not bred with it, I think the players are still interested. I'm just coming up with other shit I want to do.

Spycraft-several games actually. I really want to run that game I started a year ago again. It was fun. I would like to have at least Eel, Rhiannon and Karon in it still. Unfortunately wanting that means it will take that much longer to get it on cause they're not easily available to game. Also I want to run the phantasy star game I was planning a few years back that never happened. It was going to be pso inspired and I thought it would be fun. It would at least be fun for a while till people realized I was being really lazy and just following the games story, not that anyone paid attention to the story in pso...

Fantasycraft-I kinda wanna try my old fantasy setting with fc, draconic heritage would work for nedrein...sorta. I haven't actually played in the waters of my old setting in years so I wouldn't mind the opportunity.

Rifts-This is bizarre because I actually have two Rifts games I want to run in mind. First is an actual like role playing one, shocking for Rifts I know. But the main idea would be a group of characters out of Triax going to establish trade relations between the NGR and the Russian warlords, wacky hijinx ensue. The other one is a weird cross over game, just because I think it would run better in Rifts. Legend of the Five Rings, Third Day of Thunder, the thousand years of darkness may finally end as the thunders are born again into a greatly changed emerald empire. Scorpion clan mystic ninja vs kolat cyber ninja.,Crab clan bushiborgs, Unicorn clan power armor cavalry, aww yeah.

Hunter-Did you know that Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is like a thing now? There is a Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter(I'm reading this now) and Queen Victoria Demon Hunter. So this is almost more of a con game. Run using hunter from whitewolf in a gaslight setting play as various famous actual people as they battle the forces of darkness during the 19th century. Great as a con game because then it can be episodic with player pools specific to the location, because as awesome as Abe Lincoln the vampire hunter is, he really never left the continent. Hell I don't think he went very far west of the Mississippi even. This idea has plenty of potential though.

Exalted-I really want to run Autochthonian invasion. Always have since before I bought the damn book, even more after I did.

The semester finally ended, so I have free time again. I've missed free time.
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( Feb. 23rd, 2010 09:01 pm)
so we broke down and finally got the Ghostbusters game that came out last year. Ya know, I've lamented the lack of Fallout 3 in this house since it came out, but this game I really wish I had known to go out and get. I mean sure Fallout is Fallout, but this is freaking Ghostbusters.

More to the point the people in the game look rather like they did in the movies, with the exception of Janine, I'm not sure why the render of Annie Potts seems so far from the real Annie Potts, but everyone else is pretty spot on. Maybe it is just because she spends most of her time behind the desk in the office so you only ever see her up close the one time, while everyone else is running with you constantly. More so than looking like who they should be, but they got the old crew together for the voice work. Harold Ramis, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, freaking Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore. Even Annie Potts was back as Janine. They even dug up the actor that played Peck. I pretty well geeked out all over this while I was playing it.

The games difficulty was a little jacked up, which is to say wtf Stay Puft in the second freaking level? The Second Level? There were also some areas that it definitely seemed like you got swarmed under way too easy. I mean seriously, when I have all four of the classics with myself the rookie in one place at the same time, ghosts should not have a chance, quite probably they should be busted. Instead that usually is a sign that the shit is about to get so real that you wish you had Rick Moranis along to use as bait for the ghosts to dogpile while the useful ghostbusters do the fighting. The upside is that while you get knocked down rather easily you get up almost as easily. Healing a person is sorta like playing tag. You run over and help them on to there feet and then they're good to go again. Only when everyone hits the ground is it a game over and then the game restores back to one of its many checkpoints.

So yeah, I really enjoyed this game, if you have a system that can play it, you should, after all it is down to $20 at walmart now.
I don't know what to say about that, it may be a sign of depression cause seriously I've lost interest with that game like five times so far. Finally got to the last disc though today and ya know what I learned, there's a fucking run button for when you're moving around outside combat. I played three discs(over a year) and never knew that before. That might have been in the manual, something our used copy did not come with, and it might even had been in faqs as those often have control sections but who looks at the control section of those when people bother putting them in? The gameplay is still kinda ok with a relatively flat story and array of voice actors. I went from absolutely hating the characters in disc one, to almost feeling for them in the middle discs to being tired with them now. Sad to say that over four discs I think I actually have more hours clocked on Mass Effect than I do on the massive four disc Lost Odyssey. The difference? One has a moving story and characters you give a flying fuck about with an interesting game design. Said game was also made by Bioware, which is a name that still means quality after all these years. Lost Odyssey was produced by Mistwalker and Microsoft. Which I'm not sure if Microsoft was ever involved in the development of an RPG before but the only other Mistwalker RPG I've played is Blue Dragon, another multi-disc edifice to a previous generation of games in the modern gaming market that lost my interest repeatedly. I hate to break it to you Japan, but more discs doesn't mean it is a better game, not anymore. Usually it means you've tossed in more cut scenes, you know, removing me from the actual game play.

Can't wait till I have the spare coin to pick Mass Effect 2 or Bioshock 2. I've heard some lackluster things about Mass Effect 2, but I suspect it is from people that didn't play the first one or from die hards that dislike that you don't navigate menus to kill things in it.
nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh

Don't worry I don't expect you to get that reference, and no I'm not gonna explain it.

So anyway, I was reading the school paper yesterday and encountered something that outraged me. There was a particular crazy in my writing class, that stood out among the ordinary crazy, and if you've taken a writing class you should know crazy that stands out above the normal level of crazy is some serious crazy. So the article in the "Current" is interviewing Crazymus Prime about her book and how she is now a published author.

Crazy got published. Crazy that wrote some of the most mind numbing pseudo religious and frequently rapey stories and giggled insanely in class got published.

Let's just say my blood boiled for a while.

So today I happened to run into one of my friends from said writing class and voiced my outrage, my and he filled me in on what the article didn't tell, because apparently she was "published" back during the second writing class, I didn't take it because it conflicted with Chinese. So she had sent out an email telling everyone in the class about it because she was so happy that she got "published." He had been similarly outraged at the time, because her writing really hadn't improved any in the second semester, not even mechanically let alone in regard to the content. So you notice those quotes I started throwing up around published. Yeah that is because she self published. She found a place that will print anything you give them for $2000, and will give you a couple hundred copies to sell, give away, whatever.

This elicited a laugh of relief, but then further consternation in the shoddy reporting done by the school paper. Sure it might be a school paper, who expects fact checking when professional papers frequently don't anymore. The problem is that the article is blatantly misleading, making it out as this big thing of a student done well, making her way up through the school's writing classes to become a published writer. This sort of bad reporting really pisses me off.

Gonna try to actually pay attention for the rest of my class and not focus on this.
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( Jan. 2nd, 2010 12:14 pm)
ok it isn't really funny, but you're gonna listen to me bitch about it anyway.

So it was raining the other day which got water in the car and a vast quantity of humidity both from damp air, water absorbed by the seats, exhalations etc. So the other day I went out to my car for something and thought odd, that layer of frost, with all the snow I wouldn't have thought there would be enough moisture in the air to frost. So yeah the inside of my car has a layer of frost. I'm currently, cause the weather is cooperating and giving me a warm day that it would naturally defrost, running my car while it sits still to defrost. I'll go check on it after I'm done with this post, I figure that will be a decent amount of time to start warming up.

So Karon got me Dragon Age for Christmas. You can also call it crack. In that horribly addictive way that Knights of the old Republic and just about every other Bioware RPG has been. Even more so though it grabs me in a way that few of their games of late have because it is an actual fantasy game. None of the silly jedi malarky or KOTOR2's pimp your lightsaber mechanic. Elves, dwarves, and humans kicking medieval butt.

Perhaps the one thing that gets me is the level of gore. I mean seriously I used to play a game by this company where I had a party of characters wielding paired lightsabers and tossing thermal detonators and there wasn't as much blood and meat chunks as this. I figure it either was the kotor weapons just vaporizing things or jedi must unconsciously create a telekinetic barrier to keep the blood and meat chunks out of their hair. In Dragon Age if you get into a fight with swords and axes at the end it looks like you were in a fight with swords and axes. Your armor gets pretty much covered in blood after a pitched fight against a half dozen or more enemies. I was a little shocked at first because in my mind this is quite a bit more graphic and realistic than the exploded in meat chunks as scorpion pulls a dudes spine out from my youth.

Story wise I dig it, I love the setting and kinda want to run a d&d game in it. It has a lot of really impressive details that it gives you from the organization of the major religion to racial slurs used by the different groups against each other. Elves call humans shemlon(translates as child race or some such) while humans call them knife-ears. Dwarves are somewhat analogous to a cross between klingons and the roman empire(pre-caesar). Humans are your fairly standard medieval european kingdom set up. Elves I find quite interesting in that they can be likened to the breakdown of medieval jewish demographics, the city elves live in ghettos like were established in many early cities to contain the unwanted members of society while the wood elves live like gypsies moving from place to place to avoid drawing attention to themselves whenever possible and trying to hold on to their ancient traditions.

Alright time to check my car.
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( Nov. 15th, 2009 09:47 am)
during perhaps my most bored, depressed and disinterested semester since returning to college I am writing a paper in ed psych on motivational theory
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( Nov. 10th, 2009 06:49 pm)
Ok I think I'm calling this week a wash, my motivation is not here. I will go to class and pantomime being there, I might actually watch the videos I'm supposed to make comments on for my education of the exceptional child Thursday, it isn't happening tonight.

So guess what, no I can't fix my phone myself, I decided to try that today to no avail. Tomorrow I try the pretending I'm Mike thing. Cause again, my motivation is shot. Only so much stupid I can take in a day and Chinese really eats up most of it. And then makes me want to stab myself in the face with a dessert fork.

Now okay, I'm not the smartest person as far as politics and what not go, but I want to see if everyone else sees what I'm getting at here. You've got Bill A that provides healthcare for people, alright. Now you've got medical procedure B, which the government says "shut the fuck up we said its legal a while ago." Now proviso C is trying to make it so that not only can I not use the healthcare from the bill A on procedure B, but that if I have private insurance paid for with my own moneys that I can't use it on procedure B. Now hold on while I am flabbergasted by this.

I don't care where you stand on abortion, that just doesn't make sense. It is a legal medical procedure, the government even has it on the books that it's legal. I'm not using my personal or public health insurance to say, clone me a new lung, which is illegal, I'm using it to do something that the federal government says I have the right to do, but that I apparently don't even have the right to do with the insurance that I pay for myself. That's like saying I couldn't use my insurance to cover gun wound care because I shouldn't have put myself in a situation where I could be shot.

With this in mind I would like to table a plan for Illinois and Quebec to secede from there respective nations to form a new country, the country of "Suckit Trebekia." Since we'll be starting fresh we can build a health care system that makes sense from the ground up. We'll also ban the electoral college because no one really likes them anyway.
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( Nov. 9th, 2009 04:38 pm)
gives me rage, so much rage at the moment.

Ok so the other day I answered my phone in my sleep, something I have done in the past. Now apparently I hit a series of buttons, which navigated some menus and turned on the security features on the phone. So the next time I tried using my phone it prompted me for a pin, something I never set, and when I failed to guess it randomly it locked me out and asked for a different code. A code that the manual told me my provider could get me. So I went to the At&T store, the problem I had was that Mike had not added me as a verified user on my phone, so I can't fix things that go wrong with it, only he the account holder can. So after I happened to see Mindi at my parents the other day, I gave her my phone to take to Mike to get fixed. Next day I got it back and it was fine, that was Friday.

So today we were doing presentations in class so, being courteous to my classmates I turned off my damn phone, see there's that rage again. When I turned my phone back on after class, it prompted me for the pin again. Oh joy of joys. I tried three different pins this time chosen at random. The options it isn't for the record are: the access code for my voicemail which seemed an obvious choice, the last 4 digits of my number, 1420, my birth year, mike's birth year, the day and month of either of our births. Now I'm back to the code that I don't have, and that I suspect they didn't give to Mike, I bet they just plugged it in and handed him back the phone. Not that I can check since I can't call him, phone being locked and all.

Now Mike said that he added me this time so I can go fix it, I'm not in the mood to drive to Fairview to find out otherwise though, so I'm waiting for dad to get home, as he knows Mike's social security number which is one of the things I have to have to prove I'm who I am not in order to get them to tell me how to fix my phone.

Oh yeah I'm still alive.
Will had a nice wedding. Tasteful ceremony, short and painless. Instead of the bubbles or what not they used sparklers which was cool. I looked awesome if I may say so. I also lost a lot of time I could have used elsewhere.

So this week. This week is uhm, something.

Chinese presentation, chinese test, chinese oral midterm. All in the span of four days. What the fuck. Seriously? 300 points of the semester in 4 days.

Turned in a lesson plan, a reflective essay, and another paper in one of my ed classes.

By tomorrow I also need to do my second test in ed psych, wii.

I also have 4 assignments I know are due next week, not counting an outline for a crafty article.

I might survive...I hope.

Check back next week to find out.
Now I realized a while ago that I was usually more awake late at night, see why I was willing to work overnight shift at steak n' shake for so long. Left to my own devices my sleep schedule tends to gravitate later and later. It's also why when I'm stressing about big papers it seems that I do best waiting to start writing until around midnight, my thinking just seems clearer in the wee bits of the AM. The problem there though is the fatigue factor that normally catches me around this part of the evening. Nothing like the big slowdown around 4 when you're hitting the conclusion of a paper to piss you off as it takes you the next hour and a half to get the wording right and it turns out to be the same as the way you did it first.

Whats my point you might ask? Well I tried something new today, knowing how much shit I had to do I took a nap, well rather I slept first. I stayed up for dinner, barely, so that I could eat it warm rather than reheated, and then fell asleep around 7 and got up a bit after midnight. I got up, shook off the dust, watched the second half of an episode of Lost with Karon and got cracking. Since then I've wrapped up two assignments and only have one left to go. Ok I did do my Chinese before bed but that was because I knew I wouldn't fucking care after I got up. The downside to this is it was too late to call anyone and compare with them to see if we had the same ideas on how to translate it, but hey I need to be able to stand on my own with that.

Okay also to clarify something from the other day. No Keith, I have no resentment to you about your wedding, you gave me over a years notice to save up money for yours so I was able to squirrel away what was needed. Will on the other hand told me in June I believe, sure I knew he had proposed to Mary, but that doesn't mean a wedding is coming in short order. Hell, I think those two dated for less time than Karon and I have been engaged even. The point is that when Will told me about his impending wedding I was nearly broke as I was on the fumes of my Spring semester loans, and to be clear, there have been a lot of financial issues this semester which is making my solvency questionable at this point. It's really sad when I actually get into a place where I wish I hadn't of gone back to school and stayed at Gamestop. I could have had my own store by now if I had stayed with the company, and if not I'd still have had a steady income that I could have worked a class schedule around. Not that Gamestop wasn't fun Adam, just ya know, retail hurts my soul.

Alright I just splurged 20 minutes on this I should get back to work.
let me tell you about Chinese, my teacher can die in a fire. I gave up on doing well this semester, it isn't happening, I'm aiming for the magic I'm done C.

Changing subjects because I can.

So in teaching methods we learned that as professionals you never let your students make their groups because that's how you end up with the group that has the worst students academically, or behaviorally. It applies at all grade levels because even in college you get the students that aren't very outgoing and so they have trouble making friends quickly and thus might be floundering and groupless otherwise. So in my ed psyc class we had to form groups, only one in which we were not being modeled the instructor formed groups. Now I'm fairly outgoing and talkative, however due to extenuating circumstances I was not in class when groups were formed and thus I am sans group. I've tried joining several and been told that when they tried adding someone before that the teacher said they had too many as is. So it begs the question, why then were at least the people who missed that day placed in groups, or even told before three weeks later that hey they already made groups for the big group project.

And that brings me to my big gripe this semester in teacher education the communication breakdown. So we're college students, we're training to be professionals, we expect a certain degree of professionalism from our instructors. So when I miss a day of class, and I get an email response from a friend in the class that doesn't make sense I send an email to the instructor asking if I was interpreting the email correctly. Basically a hey, so this is what I think this was saying because they were using shorthand you taught in the lecture I missed am I interpreting it correctly. The response I get back from the instructor is "Well I guess you should get someone better to tell you what you missed in class." That was it. The fucking hell? All I needed was a yes or no and maybe some clarification and instead I get a snarky non answer.

Subject change again, I am catching you up on a while after all.

So this is only a redirection as this is still in communication. I have still heard nothing back from the school I am supposed to do my classroom observations at. After 3 weeks at least since I emailed them. According to protocol we're actually not supposed to call because that can be considered solicitation or some bullshit. The COE though isn't being helpful about getting responses to any of their students about anything this year though.

Yet another subject change.

Fantasy Craft is a really interesting pseudo 3.5 system developed by CraftyGames. I'm enjoying the system mechanics, but I find the book poorly organized. I think I need some like colored tabs to stick into it for quick reference.


Will is getting married this week, I'm not looking forward to the bill from the tux rental or the motel room. Ya know, this is something that sorta annoys me. It annoyed me less when Keith did it to me, largely cause I like Keith more, but ya know, those of us still in class, that don't work to try and keep our grades up, we generally don't have the money to be throwing around on tux rentals and motel rooms after driving to wherever for your wedding. So would you do us all a favor and consider us and not make us have to put up with it. I'm sure most everyone owns at least one suit they could wear, why do I need to drop the 120 for a tux, another 100+ for a motel and then pay for several tanks of gas in travel plus eating out while gone. Thank you for killing my budgeted money for Christmas.


I'm gonna go look at some lolcats before ed psy, for my sanity.
without really trying even.

See I have the job, as far as I can tell from my emails I got, but as best I can tell I don't get told to do squat until they get my NDA(non disclosure agreement) on file. So I'm sorta chilling and waiting and going aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah until then.

P.S. Karon and I have been watching a lot of Stargate.
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( Jul. 18th, 2009 10:26 pm)

So I got an email back from Crafty Games. The important part as follows is:

Again, thanks for joining the Crafty team! We can’t wait to see what
you cook up.

Patrick Kapera
Crafty Games

So I needs to cook up five ideas for articles to submit and then they'll get back to me about what they actually, ya know, need/want.

to clarify the part you might not recognize Sweet Monkey Jeebus On a Pogo Stick

Jeebus on a pogostick is trademark Smiling Raccoon Enterprises, we even had a car magnet of the Jeebus fish on a pogostick done up. This is why Matt and I should never talk about my random ideas, he makes them happen. One of these days I'm gonna be all like we should build a robot army and the next week he'll come by with a prototype complaining about not being able to find good enough shielding for it to have a nuclear power cell that we have to live with them having batteries.

So yeah...I...uh...oh, yeah there's my train of thought. Today was Karon and my fifth anniversary. We had a slow start, I felt kinda in need of a shower this morning but I hadn't done anything to really merit it so I decided to play an hour of DDR. Have I mentioned the new DDR disc Karon picked up has some insane tracks on it. Freaking light mode song that is 8star difficulty. Eight. If you push it all the way up to max difficulty it actually raps around a second layer of stars of difficulty. I don't know if I've seen that before. So anyway, after my leg nearly seized up doing that song I took my shower and we were off. We got a tasty salad and other vitals from the Schnucks in Fairview's deli and salad bar thing including some really tasty potato wedges and then we hit the park to eat. Then we went to another park to hang out and walk a bit, long acre was really crowded so I felt the need to go to Pleasant Ridge. Little later still and we swung by the Jo-Ann's Fabric to pick up some padding to redo the chairs with.

Speaking of, there is actual fucking padding on the dining room chairs now. Seriously, those godawful things that the house came with now are actually comfortable and rather appealing to look at. I am shocked, shocked and appalled. Also reupholstering furniture takes a long time. Even when you're just doing chair cushions. I started at like 530, maybe got done around 930 though I suspect it was closer to ten.

But yeah. Happy Anniversary to us. We got renovated chairs, and I guess I got a writing job...

I'm gonna go hide in a corner now.
Didn't make a fuss about it cause well, I was tired.

Also yes I still suck and haven't sent in my resume or writing sample yet, it may be forthcoming though because now that I am home with no one to talk to and nothing to do I'm getting kinda twitchy.

Case in point, so Karon and I had been talking about redoing the cushions for the dining room chairs for a while, Karon had even gone so far as to acquire fabric and some padding. So a few hours ago in the midst of some twitchiness I randomly decided to check and see how hard it was to get the seats off the chairs. Turned out to be relatively easy actually as I had a screwdriver on the table even from my recent assembly of Karon's birthday desk chair. So with seat off I went looking for padding and then fabric, then stopped partly because I don't know how fancy Karon was gonna go with these. If she wants a zippered cover that can be opened and restuffed on a whim I can't go cutting willy nilly. Yet also if I try to cut the fabric in such a way to accommodate slipcases for all the seats I'll have to be especially careful in my cuttery.

Having sufficiently stymied myself I still felt the need, the need to do something, and that's when after playing catch with Ash for ten minutes I noticed as I went to fetch the ball as he "lost" it the spot of kitchen floor that was not like the rest. See when we launched the kitchen retiling we stopped at the fridge. I forget if there was an intent to inquire if it had rollers(it does by the way) or look into cleaning it out to move it easier, whatever the reason we had stopped just short of done. So with my nervous energy to burn I worked the fridge up over the lip of the new tile and then rolled it out and set about the floor in a flurry of sweeping, cleaning and productivity. I am now happy to say that the floor is done(well mostly there is still this narrow strip under the cabinets which is gonna take me cutting a bunch of tiles into inch wide slivers to cram into the gap but you can't bloody see it without getting on your knees).

I also mowed my lawn today and watered the garden, but that isn't nearly as awesome as the floor under the fridge matching the floor throughout the rest of the damn room. I think now though it is time for a tall glass of water and maybe some more Firefly.

Tomorrow I think I'm gonna go look for some padding Matt and I had in the basement for some project or other, the stuff Karon has seems kinda thin so I worry it will just compress down after a few months(not that the dining room chairs get a lot of use, but still).
visiting the Spivey for his birthday in Wisconsin.

The kitties will be missed and I suspect they knew something was a foot. They kept lurking by the door this morning in a kind of kitty barricade to keep me from going. I think that realizing that Karon has been gone for a few days they worry that without me they will have no one to feed them. I'm only gonna be gone till Wednesday so they should be fine with minimal outside interference, I've got Josef set to stop by tomorrow and feed them for me.

Also the construction around Chicago sucked balls, I'm taking the long way home.
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( Jul. 3rd, 2009 11:53 pm)
I didn't think it was possible to displace an incident between me and Cubbie several years back as my least favorite cat moment. Good job, Ash.

The former champion: I was down visiting Karon at Darcy's place in Virginia and awoke with a cat on my head. In the moments of startlement as we both jostled awake Cubbie knicked my face, some bleeding and swearing resulted and I generally was annoyed with Cubbie for a long while, I've mostly forgiven him.

The new winner: So just now I was changing discs in the XBOX. I had just watched the original Transformers: the Movie(1986) and Ash was chilling on the pinball machine. I thought he looked like he could use some petting so I went over to say hi. I then noticed that well, he was sitting on the flat side of sharp object and not wanting him to hurt himself I scooped him up towards me so he wouldn't be injured. Unfortunately this sorta startled Ash and he really has bad claw control. So I've got a fun long slice in my top and bottom lip, the bottom one is more worrying as it is actually inside my mouth where all sorts of germs can breed. Bravo Ash, Bravo. I still love you, but we're fucking getting you safe paws.
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( Jun. 29th, 2009 01:03 am)
Karon and I spent all day, well since like 3ish, cleaning her old trailer and God am I tired.

But honestly that has nothing to do with this post, you don't want to hear about it and I don't feel like talking about it.

No see this is about me, more about a job opportunity, but cause I'm scared cause this is something I really really want, but don't want to get rejected I could use some motivation pep talking. See there is a freelancing gig or gigs, number needed is vague in the posting, at of all people Crafty Games. Crafty broke off from parent company AEG to go rogue and maintain the Spycraft setting and line of books when AEG decided to drop them buying out the intellectual property rights to the original books when they splintered off.

So you know, long time gamer, amateur writer, gm, and setting designer, and here's a free lance gig writing for a company which I really like their settings and would enjoy to work for even in the loosest meaning of the words.

I am twitchy and scared shitless by the prospect.

I mean, people enjoy my games, I think. People think my concepts for settings are least they tell me that to my face. Okay so the point here is that I'm really needing someone to tell me yes I should do this, people that have either been in games I've ran or have read anything I've written in the last six years or so I would really appreciate feedback or suggestions about possible things you've seen I might use as part of my writing submissions to go with the appliction.

Taking Benadryl and painkillers to hopefully knock down my headache and knock me out.
or returning to it, however, you want to look at it. Suppose that is what happens when I take a summer off to vegetate after a semester of Chinese murdering me.

So, how about that Lost Odyssey. I went ahead and started playing it again, picked up my save file where I left off and was instantly reminded that I still never had figured out the combat system all the way. The problem therein might be the lack of a tutorial. A lot of games, and I mean a lot, have it worked in that the first fight or two of the game they kinda walk you through it. In Mass Effect for instance the first fight is really just a point and shoot, the second fight they tell you about the skill menu and how to issue commands to party members and change weapons, etc. Lost Odyssey actually starts with you in combat basically and doesn't tell you what the heck you are doing. Added to that we bought the game used so I don't even have a manual to fall back on which sorta adds to the frustration. Apparently there's a target reticle that you have to hold the right trigger to get an overlay to zoom in on, and then you have to snap release the trigger as it tightens in on the target point. Hold too long and you get just as bad a result as if you didn't bother pulling the trigger, which as far as I can tell costs you about 10% of your damage potential per attack. So once you figure out that particular hoop, if you time it just right to get a perfect you actually do 10% more than normal, so technically the bad result is actually 20% below prime damage. Get this though, even should you get a perfect, by some arcane reasoning the game can, and will, decide that you miss. Even more annoying still, it might let the enemy counterattack, something that as far as I can tell, you don't get to do ever. So perfect, as far as combat goes, is quite a bit less than what it sounds like actually.

Kaim, the protagonist, still really doesn't do anything for me. He's got a neat design, and he has great potential as an angsty immortal protagonist that is struggling to remember his past, instead though I just want to punch him in the nutsack. Out of the three people in my party he has the lamest voice actor, sounding more like some loser at an emo club rather than someone with any actual sorrow over his lost life. Added to this is the fact that his boss is an evil mccrazypants global domination guy, and Kaim knows he is, I really don't feel like he is all that likable of a person.

But wait the supporting cast might be good. Well I did say we have three characters so far in the group. Seth, another immortal, seems to do a lot of eves dropping and making meaningful glances at Kaim, she also, at least claims to be amnesiatic. Apparently it comes with being an immortal. I suspect she actually knows a lot more about Kaim's past than she is letting on. Jansen is the only mortal in the group, quite the fly in the ointment actually as he is working for the same boss as Kaim, but he is there to make sure the immortals stay amnesiatic, actually given a magical mcguffin that he is to use in the event that they start to remember things. Jansen is a likable enough comedic character that actually doesn't go ahead and zot either of them with the memory stealing bead and instead uses it to trick a guard into releasing the party from a jail cell on a boat.

Game play, it's a turn based rpg, so nothing really fancy goes on. Annoyingly in the first five hours of gameplay you get assaulted with not only a dungeon where you have to screw around with moving boxes, but also a highly annoying dodge the security patrol or have to start over dungeon. Two things that can really ruin a game experience in close succession to each other isn't a good way to win a player over, especially when I have more than 3 discs left of the game.

Character design is sorta interesting on the three characters I have, on some of the npc's I've met though it is downright scary. I have a new rule. Japan, you have lost the right to design female nobles that use magic in your games. Too often do women spellcasters seem to get stuck in cleavage revealing outfits with miniskirts and thigh high boots. It is definitely going too far when royals are still dressed at best in what might be swimwear, but what really looks like, as Karon put it, "So what, they had to go grab her from her job as a dominatrix to act queenly and she just tossed a half cape on across her shoulders?" Come on Japan, women wear clothes. Repeat after me "Women wear clothes." Maybe if you repeat that for a few months while beating your head against the wall we'll let you design women characters again. For now, sublet all projects that need it to the Canadians or some other rather prudish people so we get female characters that aren't falling out of their costumes.

The plot really isn't doing much yet, as you're stuck playing an amnesiac working for an evil proto-dictator. Graphically it is a really pretty game, but looks aren't everything and I'm really hoping it picks up soon.

Therein lies one of the biggest problems I have with the game I think. See it has this thousand years of dreams thing going on where periodically Kaim gets back a memory. Yet despite the impressive graphics and also despite the fact that most of the voice actors are pretty good all of the memories are presented as pages of text you have to read through. Pages of very poorly translated text that I really think lost a lot of there weight because of how they get stuck in at odd intervals and break up the flow of the game proper. Maybe if they actually were done as cut scenes, maybe if they only cropped up when the character rests at an inn or gets knocked out, as a few do, but when you get one while walking down a street for no good reason, it starts getting frustrating. Add to it that they generally aren't short, they average 12 or so screens of text, most of which is block paragraphs, and I really stop caring after a while. I get it, Kaim angsts. He angsts now, he angsted then, he's gonna angst later, stop making me read this drivel with him angsting. Can't he have a happy memory or two? Even the Vampire Hunter D books aren't this morose and he freaking has to deal with being immortal, murdering his own kind, and never actually being thanked by the people he is helping. I've started skipping the damn memory story things because I really don't care and that is just sad. I'm only six hours in and I have completely written off the main character. I even gave Cloud longer than that.

On table top gaming I decided to give 4th edition d&d another stab. I looked through the phb two and found a lot of it pretty good actually, but here's my problem and it is the same problem I had last year with 4th ed. We had 8 years of 2nd edition uninterrupted. 8 years with a working system that played well. Sure THAC0 was a little weird to explain, but you got used to it. In the past 8 years we have had 3 core rule updates. 3rd edition, the much vaunted improvement of 3.5 and 4th. 3.5 annoyed me with its glut of ancillary books that fleshed out classes and overwhelmed players with more feats and and prestige classes. It also annoyed me because it was a system where you really had to plan your character backwards. You needed to know what prestige class you were going for in seven levels and plan your character out ahead of time to get there. Part of the supposed reason for 3 and 4th ed was to clean house of all the weird rules supplements and streamline things, but you know what, 2nd really didn't have that many rules supplements, it had story supplements. It had one book for each class and one for each of the primary races. More to the point they were reasonably priced books. Now you get a barrage of $30 hard backs, some of which don't even break 200 pages. Seriously, you want me to pay $30 for 160 pages in hardback? If you soft-backed it you could easily drop the price $10 and yet you gouge me. And so here we are again, a year into 4th, they're on a phb 2 a monster manual 2, probably a dmg 2 is coming also (they did it in 3.5). Rebuilding the glut of books that people have to buy in record time. Wasn't the point of pen and paper rpg's that they were supposed to be kinda cheap compared to miniature games or ccgs. What happened here? Oh right, first it was bought out by Pokemon, then by Hasbro, great, way to fuck people over by not understanding the market that you're selling to.
first an amazing showing at the Kotei now a really good rpg. A really good rpg. Seriously, I can't begin to say how much I enjoyed Mass Effect, I mean hell, I might actually play it twice, just for the evil play through, or for that matter just for one of the other classes. I played a Vanguard, which means nothing if you haven't played the game, but basically it is a quick and dirty close quarters fighter with a few telekinetic abilities.

So I got to blow shit away with a shotgun and fling the other targets around with my mind. It was like Psi-ops only without the bullshit. I really enjoyed the idea of Psi-ops, but it was really hard to manage to keep that enemy TK'd in front of you as a shield while shooting around him. The fun thing is really that there are so many options. The engineers seem kinda lame at first, only being able to use hand-guns and light armor, but the skill for cracking files also gets you bonus shields. And then on top of that they can blow up the enemies shields or overheat their weapons. Then there is always the Adept, it's the games mage, a psionic prodigy. All the basic throwing abilities my Vanguard had, but with a few new spicier skills. Singularity just sounds like a promising ability for a high powered telekinetic character to have.

The story was better than KOTOR in my mind, probably because Bioware was doing it's own thing instead of having to trip over Lucas Arts's feet all the time. The combat was also a great blend of standard rpg menu popping for skills mixed with run and gun shooting. In theory if you were playing a soldier you could never use any skills the entire game, just run around shooting like it was Halo, but I think that would miss out on some of the fun. There was nothing more fulfilling than when I TK toss someone into the air for one of my sidekicks to kill while the other hacks the AI on the enemy combat drone and turns it on them. The cinematics were pretty good, I mean it's almost hard to really tout them seeing as how wonderful the regular game looked, the different worlds you explored looked like different worlds. There was an odd lack of trees that I did find unsettling in most cases, but I figure those were sacrificed for load times.

I'd say that the most disturbing thing in some ways was the end levels. I'll admit, I level whored a little, I think I hit level 50(the max on your first playthrough) right as I touched down on the last world you go to. Seriously the first mob down gave me the level. Landing cut scene, bang, ding. Despite that though I was expecting a bit more challenge there. Maybe it is Fable 2's fault, because the guys you run into that game are no joke most of the time, as long as they are not a boss. No goon on Ilus or during the final stage did anything to really scare me, which was almost a let down. There was a few times my shields got blanked by a sniper or a giant robot, but I never even had to use my revive ability on one of my mooks. Arguably though, when you're at the end of the game and your level is maxed out it is nice to basically be able to walk through all the monkeys you run into without much trouble.

Now unlike Fable 2 the final boss is no pushover in Mass Effect. Fable 2, the guy just stands there and prattles on through this big speech and I kept waiting for him to get done and I was just like "holy crap, the asshat is monologueing, I can't believe he is monologueing." It was around that time that I accidentally hit the button to pull my gun in my impatience, found I could, lined up the shot, and got him in the head. He flopped off his pillar leaving me really disappointed. The final boss in Mass Effect though, I swear it took ten minutes to kill him if not longer, I was burning through powers and grenades, and things that reset the charge time on powers like nobody's business. I think the part that annoyed me the most was when there was a cut scene in the middle of the fight to update you on the fleet engagement going on outside and when the fight came back it had refilled his shields. Seriously if he sat still at all that wouldn't be so bad, but you have to be tracking all over the room with him jumping constantly so whittling down five bars of shields to start hurting him again was pretty damn frustrating, and I still loved it, all the mooks on the way here were chumps, because thats what they were, lackeys. This was the main event, the fight the game was building up to. No sudden lol here is your new villain, well there sorta was(and yet wasn't), the game made you want this guy dead so hard and when you finally get to fight him you have to fight him with every ounce of kill you can muster and then squeeze out a bit more.

I really don't know what I want to follow it up with, I was meaning to go back to Armored Core: For Answer, but it just feels like a let down after Mass Effect. I might try Lost Odyssey again, see if I can get past the feeling that the protagonist is a raging douche. I've been waiting for a good rpg for a while now, glad to see that they still make them.