So I have some extra free time thanks to the snowday I declared yesterday and the legitimate one today, as a result you kids get an update.

Not that there is a lot to say yet. Back in class as of last Tuesday, such an odd thing starting the semester a day late because of a federal holiday, but since we don't get another posted holiday until spring break I'm not complaining.

Spring semester 2009 includes St. Louis and the West(the name pretty much says what it is about), Modern Chinese history (focusing on the period from 1800 till 2000), Intro to Government (cringe), and Chinese 2(double cringe).

My professors generally seem nice this semester albeit a few are a bit bland so far. The poli sci instructor was a real surprise actually as I wasn't expecting anything from him, but much like my geography course of old, this is a really excited and energetic instructor at a godawful early hour of the morning. Fushun is herself as she cam be no one else, as a result I have ordered myself a copy of My Chinese Coach for the DS to see if I actually learn from that as I don't pick up much of what she says in class. My history professors are a couple of great guys this semester and I'm really looking forward to the classes. Modern Chinese history is actually being taught by an old chinese guy who came to the country as a kid. He has a great accent that seems so bad movie that you don't want to believe it is real. The way he drags out the a's in Harvard when he was talking to us about himself was rather hilarious. History of St. Louis and the West has to be my low ball at the moment, the guy teaching it while he seems kind of interesting really wasn't holding my attention Monday. Sure he was just doing the start of the class spiel about himself and the scope of the class, but if you can't make working for National Geographic and flying off for random weeks to go scuba diving with seals or charting glaciers in Alaska interesting I think you're doing something horribly wrong.

Nothing else to really talk about yet aside from that I hope you all stay warm.


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