Interesting thing I learned last semester, the y in ye does not get pronounced as y but it is a shorthand for th, ye is actually the. Fun with learning about the middle ages.

So spring break was actually pretty good. Lots of running around and doing stuff. As maybe half my reading public are aware Econ was supposed to be two weekends ago, but it wasn't so much with the happening. So since Karon's sister already had the time off we had our impromptu Darcycon when she was up to visit. There was hanging out in Carbondale and Fairview Heights. Lots of tasty food, we went with the other Josh to see Watchmen even though the rest of us had all seen it already. It honestly wasn't too bad the second go through, had more of an opportunity to notice little details you miss on the first watch through. There was also a rousing game of Apples to Apples and much fun was had by all.

First few days were sort of a blur, there was a failed attempt to pick up Karon's glasses and then her councilor was going to be out of town on Friday so we had to go down Wednesday. At some point in those first few days we went to this new Chinese place in Collinsville over by the new Gamespot and I think it wins for best Chinese food in a short distance. Now I mean, the place in Fairview that we used to go to had a hibachi and sushi chef but the normal food you expect at a Chinese restaurant here is just tastier, the fried rice looks like fresh fried rice rather than that yellow stuff you normally see places. It's just damn tasty.

Thursday was gaming, I think we were a little dense, or else the adventure is a little obtuse about giving clues between lots of hey werewolves and then a red herring about vampires, assuming that is the red herring, who knows? Everyone had fun though even if we weren't sure what we were supposed to be investigating. Also it snowed in game so my gator Giselle didn't get much field time, though I did have a fun time rigging up snowshoes for myself and the party as well as going and buying wolfsbane to poison the militia head with when we had ample reason to suspect he was a werewolf.

Friday we succeeded in getting Karon's new glasses and then we had our fun outing to the city museum. Katie had been trying to organize this for about a month and taken constant set backs due to Watchmen, midterms, the beginning of spring break, but Friday it finally happened and I'm glad it did. If you haven't been it is hard to explain it all but to sum up it is a giant jungle gym for adults. Don't get me wrong, lots of kids running about too, until around 10ish or so, but there are lots of neat things to go crawling around in and climbing through tubes and fake caves. There is also a really cool steam punky area with a giant slide in it. All it needed was an empty diving suit and a sign reading "Welcome to Rapture." It was a grand adventure and weather permitting it might get added to the itinerary for my next birthday.

Saturday was a nice lazy day around the house, it was cold and rainy so we kibashed our original trip to the art museum as modot was not able to generate me a map to the art museum around the construction. I didn't think it would be good for our health to have to walk from the metrolink stop across Forest Park to Art Hill. By Sunday though I had managed to finagle a map out of modot and we were off and able to park at the bottom of the hill and only had to walk up to the museum. The reason for our outing? There was a really interesting exhibit of Ming Dynasty items at the art museum. It was a really interesting exhibit and you could rent out an ipod that came preloaded with tracks that explained a goodly number of the items on display. The downside was that the items were somewhat oddly organize so you were left sometimes hunting to find what the next track on the ipod was talking about. All in all it was a really fun trip, we came back and hit the Chinese place again because it seemed good and thematic for our day.

So all in all, short of the time I drove to Virginia then Chicago and back home I think it might have been one of my most active spring breaks, all in all too short though as my only paperwork accomplishment was finishing Karon and my own taxes.


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