Now I realized a while ago that I was usually more awake late at night, see why I was willing to work overnight shift at steak n' shake for so long. Left to my own devices my sleep schedule tends to gravitate later and later. It's also why when I'm stressing about big papers it seems that I do best waiting to start writing until around midnight, my thinking just seems clearer in the wee bits of the AM. The problem there though is the fatigue factor that normally catches me around this part of the evening. Nothing like the big slowdown around 4 when you're hitting the conclusion of a paper to piss you off as it takes you the next hour and a half to get the wording right and it turns out to be the same as the way you did it first.

Whats my point you might ask? Well I tried something new today, knowing how much shit I had to do I took a nap, well rather I slept first. I stayed up for dinner, barely, so that I could eat it warm rather than reheated, and then fell asleep around 7 and got up a bit after midnight. I got up, shook off the dust, watched the second half of an episode of Lost with Karon and got cracking. Since then I've wrapped up two assignments and only have one left to go. Ok I did do my Chinese before bed but that was because I knew I wouldn't fucking care after I got up. The downside to this is it was too late to call anyone and compare with them to see if we had the same ideas on how to translate it, but hey I need to be able to stand on my own with that.

Okay also to clarify something from the other day. No Keith, I have no resentment to you about your wedding, you gave me over a years notice to save up money for yours so I was able to squirrel away what was needed. Will on the other hand told me in June I believe, sure I knew he had proposed to Mary, but that doesn't mean a wedding is coming in short order. Hell, I think those two dated for less time than Karon and I have been engaged even. The point is that when Will told me about his impending wedding I was nearly broke as I was on the fumes of my Spring semester loans, and to be clear, there have been a lot of financial issues this semester which is making my solvency questionable at this point. It's really sad when I actually get into a place where I wish I hadn't of gone back to school and stayed at Gamestop. I could have had my own store by now if I had stayed with the company, and if not I'd still have had a steady income that I could have worked a class schedule around. Not that Gamestop wasn't fun Adam, just ya know, retail hurts my soul.

Alright I just splurged 20 minutes on this I should get back to work.


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