I don't know what to say about that, it may be a sign of depression cause seriously I've lost interest with that game like five times so far. Finally got to the last disc though today and ya know what I learned, there's a fucking run button for when you're moving around outside combat. I played three discs(over a year) and never knew that before. That might have been in the manual, something our used copy did not come with, and it might even had been in faqs as those often have control sections but who looks at the control section of those when people bother putting them in? The gameplay is still kinda ok with a relatively flat story and array of voice actors. I went from absolutely hating the characters in disc one, to almost feeling for them in the middle discs to being tired with them now. Sad to say that over four discs I think I actually have more hours clocked on Mass Effect than I do on the massive four disc Lost Odyssey. The difference? One has a moving story and characters you give a flying fuck about with an interesting game design. Said game was also made by Bioware, which is a name that still means quality after all these years. Lost Odyssey was produced by Mistwalker and Microsoft. Which I'm not sure if Microsoft was ever involved in the development of an RPG before but the only other Mistwalker RPG I've played is Blue Dragon, another multi-disc edifice to a previous generation of games in the modern gaming market that lost my interest repeatedly. I hate to break it to you Japan, but more discs doesn't mean it is a better game, not anymore. Usually it means you've tossed in more cut scenes, you know, removing me from the actual game play.

Can't wait till I have the spare coin to pick Mass Effect 2 or Bioshock 2. I've heard some lackluster things about Mass Effect 2, but I suspect it is from people that didn't play the first one or from die hards that dislike that you don't navigate menus to kill things in it.


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