not that anyone cares that it is a late report.

First of all I should say I really have mixed feelings about Diecon. Sure it is the local con so I like to support it, but it's also thoroughly ghetto in my mind, I mean it is ran in Collinsville. Also I have a soft spot in my heart for it since Karon and I met there at a thousand years of darkness l5r game. I also though acknowledge that it really seems to have a sin curve to its quality. Well, ok, I can't prove that yet. Right now it is a bell curve, but I have hopes it will rebound. The first few years were a little dodgey before it built steam, then the middle years it was awesome, now though its kinda in the gutter again. I blame this on the year we didn't have the midwest Kotei for l5r.

Kotei are big regional events and they bring in a lot of people. This years Kotei at Diecon had almost 70 people in it, half a dozen of which were big name players, but that is even a pretty mediocre turnout. I vaguelly recall that my second Kotei at Diecon was pushing 130 people. Suffice to say though that okay even on an average year then that's 60-70 people that came to the convention for that and might also take in some other events and what not. That is a fair amount of money and people. So losing that for one year kinda killed the dealer room last year as not so many people wanted to come out after the Koteiless year, they were still recovering and even this year it was pretty sparse in there.

What was really kinda sad to me was how light the game selection was, I flipped through the rpg events and I'm kinda glad Karon decided she didn't feel up to coming along with me on saturday to play some games while I slung cardboard, there was seriously nothing going on. The only l5r rpg event was first of all ran buy a guy we hate and second on Friday night, and the Saturday events just looked thin and sorta sickly. I'm not sure what is going on there, I'm not sure if that is also an outgrowth of the lost Kotei year because you might have more l5r rpg events planned for instance if you knew you'd have people dropping out of the swiss early because they were doing crappy or later in the day for the people that just didn't make it into the finals.

Another thing that I think has hurt the convention was the death of the Dragonball Z ccg and a few others. The economic downturn has really hurt the gaming community a lot over the past few years and some companies that had sunk a lot of money into expensive product licenses have died. The DBZ tourney used to be as big if not bigger than the Kotei, the main difference being that the l5r crowd is older and has more money usually, but that still means a lot of people weren't there that might have been. Instead I saw a lot more war gamers there, people with armies for Warhammer, 40k and Iron Kingdoms, and while I'm glad to see miniatures coming back in a way, it also doesn't help the con as much in my mind because of several reasons. First the dealers usually don't pack in minis with them, they're heavy and expensive and most of these people buy this shit direct from the companies online because it is cheaper than dealing with store markups. Second it is just a shitton more expensive to get into. You can build a fun and competitive deck for most ccgs with a starter box(around $10) and maybe $60-80 of further investment. Alright I know that's $70, but I also said competitive. You can also take that starter and maybe $10-15 to throw something oddball together just for the hell of it and screw with some webdeck builders. Now why am I doing a price break down here, for comparison, While Iron Kingdoms is supposedly rather cheap compared to other mini games, you'll still probably spend more on it than for a ccg. For Warhammer or 40k though you can easily sink $200 just to get your army started, before painting it or getting some of the better units that you really want. When I considered playing 40k several years back and was looking at Dark Eldar I realized that infantry with Dark Lances was where it was at. They moved hella fast and did a shitton of damage. Now a unit of infantry is like 12 figs. Dark Lancers come in 2 packs for like $9 at the time. That's $56 for one unit, maybe a sixth of the army I would be fielding. Start to see how pricey things can get. So mini games are always a hard sale cause it is so much harder to get into. $10 starter deck or $100 base army...wait lemme think about that.

So that was a lot about con mechanics I really didn't plan on going into, so onto the important part, the Kotei. Annoyingly, despite being told that all prize support for the event was supposed to be legal in the next arc of the game, it wasn't. God someone got an uncut sheet of cards from Diamond, which for people that don't know is 4 years old and 90% of the cards are not legal in tournaments anymore. Now some of what was handed out was from the last set of the arc which is indeed legal in the new arc that is coming out soon. But the real surprise here was that I bothered to play. I stopped playing l5r right after Samurai edition started, I was in my last year at SWIC, money was starting to get a bit tight, I couldn't afford $20 a month on tourney fees and $100 a year in product most of which I wouldn't get around to putting on ebay to clear out even though I didn't need what I got. So I stepped out and I've heard I missed a good arc. The deck I basically had always wanted to be able to run was finally given support and apparently it dominated. With the promise of free product legal for the next arc, having already registered for the con last year, and having a friend with the extra cards to build me the deck I wanted I went ahead and played. Played I say, I kicked some serious ass is what I did. That was quite possibly my best run at a tourney ever. I won 5 out of 8 games I played and at least one of the losses I could have won if I had actually known the gimmicks in the deck already, I hadn't played it till that morning so I was learning it as I went, and another I lost because I didn't really care. Time was called, we were both playing the same faction so in my mind a win for either of us was a win for the Dragon Clan so I just let him have it largely because I wasn't expecting to get anywhere at the tourney at that point. I came out 26th in the standings, so a bit above middle of the road and ya know what, I had fun. Will I get back into the game this set, I don't know, I still don't have much money to throw at the game, but I might show up for the odd game now and then at least.
It seems like figures from my childhood are dying at a startling rate. In point of fact I'm starting to wonder if I missed who died on the 1st as the 2nd and 3rd were kinda big.

So on the second David Eddings died. He was 77, and the first author of serious fantasy I read after Tolkien. The first books I remember reading not because school wanted to, not because Mike required me to read them to hang out with him and his friends and be part of their cool new hobby where they pretended to be elves, dwarves and magicians. It was summer vacation and Mike checked out the entirety of the Belgariad for the trip we were going on and I got handed books as he finished them. So not only was it not something I was being required to, I was looking forward to it because I was getting to read them at basically the same time he did it was awesome and it made me feel like I actually mattered in my cooler older brother's world that I was getting to share in it like that. Sure the Belgariad isn't the deepest work of fantasy, but it is a good starting off place for young readers, I was probably 9 at the time, and it was different. It wasn't stuffy or dry, and you never felt like you were plodding across the plains of Gorgoroth alongside Frodo and Sam because of the vivid detail Tolkien applied to description of the oppressive and bleak atmosphere there, but it was filled with a depth of character, the characters weren't all heroic, or even tragically heroic as many in Tolkien's work are, they were simply people. And still though it had that feeling of clearly defined places, the heroes were very much that, and the villain was definitely evil, but you could see the humanity in the people, the little jealousies that Garion felt at times and slights over seemingly inane things are very believable of a teenage boy that just had his life turned on its ear and has to cope with cascade of events that besets him on the trail.

Of course I also haven't read them in a while so I might be romanticizing my memories of them a bit, but the point is that it was pivotal readin in my misspent youth.

Yesterday, June the 3rd, David Carradine died. That one is kinda weird for me on extra levels since I met him once at a convention, I got his autograph here in St. Louis, I listened to him play piano in the hotel lobby. He wasn't just Caine from Kung Fu for me anymore, which was what I had always thought about him as for so long, but he was an actual person with hopes and fears, who from how he seemed at the convention and from what I have read never quite learned how to deal with the attention and pomp of being a celebrity. It seems like many of us he just didn't really no how to cope with the crowds when they all showed up to see him, he did what he did because he enjoyed the work and the people he met doing it I suppose, and the money certainly couldn't hurt, but at the end of the day he was just a man like so many of us who had lived a life with many starts and missteps and falls along the way. He was 72 and died shortly after arriving in Thailand to start work on a new film from what I read.

So two important figures from my childhood are gone in the first week of this month, Peter Cullen you're a decade younger than them so don't feel like you have to vanish too, the world still needs Optimus Prime. I mean apparently it is a cleaning house of David's really, but I couldn't think of a third pivotal David from my youth so I'm instinctively fearing for everyone now.
I attempt to post at multiple places via the cross posting thing at dreamwidth.

So yeah Karon set me up with one of these things, its neat, I just haven't really had time to play with it yet.

Well we're back from our ten day vacation visiting the Darcy, fun seems to have been had by all. Got in some quality visiting time, played some quality tabletop rpgs online via skype, played with quality kittehs, and made some super awesome quality food. Apparently Nutella can be used in freaking everything, from some tasty cookies I made, to cheesecake, to crepes(we didn't make this but I saw it at IHOP this morning).

We also left Darcy with enough breakfast burritos to last a month so she should be ok for breakfast foods.

Man I want this radio station we picked up in Virginia this morning in St. Louis. It started off with a song by Rush, then some Disturbed, and the set finished out with some Wallflowers. I want that station so bad.

I swear, I must be getting old or something, this isn't my first time doing the Virginia drive, but down there and back this time really seemed to take it out of me. I'm starting to get why my parents would always be kinda tired and cranky when we'd stop for the night on vacations. And no it wasn't because we were horrible fighting kids, honestly we fought more when we stopped for the night than in the car, Mike and I were always nose deep in books and Jen would be doing crosswords or something.

I'm rambling what else was I gonna talk about?

Oh, so yay Ash didn't forget us! We got home and Dinah was all meowy and excited and rubby and so we stopped and petted her some and when we got to the library Ash was on the windowsill and looked shocked cause it had been so long since he'd seen his people and then he jumped down under the table. Karon was scared he'd gone feral again and we'd have to coax him out again, but we sat down on the floor and he came over and was also a happy rubby playful kitteh with his peoples. Hurray! Our kittys remembered us and still love us after ten days of being left with strange people comign to feed them.

Alright sleepytime now.
though sweet monkey jeebus on a pogostick I have a freakin 8am exam in poli sci tomorrow. 8am exam means i need to be on the train before 7 to ensure I get to school on time. This means I have to be up and moving at that quaint time of day I refer to as ass rape o'clock.

Ya know its when I use terms like that when I wonder if lj adds the are you 14 thinger to a post or if I need to do that manually.

anyway, finished up my paper and I spent the last hour putting in the footnotes. Turabian, I love you, you and your Ibid. So much easier than parenthetical citations in my mind. Precitation mass was 12 pages after adding 56 footnotes I broke onto page 13. Seems respectable for an undergrad level paper. I'm gonna miss ten page length requirements when I finally reach grad school in two years.

shower time, night everybody
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( May. 12th, 2009 06:09 pm)
cause I need to get back to my paper actually. 8 pages so far by the by.

On the finals so far, omfg, what the hell Chinese. What the hell. I seriously bombed that test. How seriously you may ask? The 30 points of extra credit I did beforehand brought me up to a fucking 81 that's how bad. Somehow I pulled an A- for the semester though and I won't complain there.

And while I got an A in my St. Louis and the West class, I got it and even didn't have to take the final, I still want to go back and punch the instructor in the throat. See I lost 7 points on my term paper and there was a rubric included to tell me why. A point for style, a point for a few run on sentences, another point for I don't give a fuck, the point is he took off 4 points, so more than half of what he took off was because of the following: "Do not use Internet sources for serious research." Never mind that half of the government information out there is really only attainable from the net. Never mind that their are plenty of online scholarly sources, ran and maintained by historians or professionals of many fields. My Internet sources which are not to be used for serious research came from fucking scholarly journals that were located online in a database. So I was marked down for having the academic honesty to fucking properly cite my sources the way I was trained to rather than god damn leaving off the accessed from JSTOR/Ebsco lines. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, you technobic, small dicked, asshat. If I had somehow not gotten an A on the fucking paper and that was why, I would have fucking gone to the dean and contested that. I also would have reported him for not using the fucking blackboard site which the school actually requires him to do rather than hand out printed copies of assignments and syllabi. And why do they require it? Primarily to cut paper costs, but also because they realize that students can't keep hold of things for three weeks let alone 4 months and rather than have professors provide four or five copies to some absent minded students they're putting the bill off on us. Which is great, I like having an online syllabus and class calendar I can go check when I can't remember when something is due, rather than spending an hour frantically searching for a fucking take home test prompt the day before it's due when I realize I forgot to do one of the questions the other day when I was working on it.

Ok that rant took a lot longer than I wanted to spend on this entire post, so yeah, so far not to bad, more as it comes in.
So earlier today Karon and I were in Carbondale during this.

I mean it was kinda nasty in Chester on our way down, but it was rather nice when we got to Murphysburo so we thought ya know we were in the clear. Then it got shitty again in Cdale. I swear every time I'd turn to try to get over towards SIUC something would come down across the road,either a tree, a power line, both. We ended up down by the mall sheltering in Macy's loading dock on the leeward side of the building.

Who knew I'd get to say I lived through a hurricane without going to Florida during the stupid season?

Got home around...630 I think, I was getting tired by then, I'd been driving most of the day when we weren't hiding behind the mall and the adrenaline had pretty well died off by that point leaving pretty dead on my feet. Sadly we did not make it to see Star Trek yet so, you can tell me if its cool or not, but no details thanks. In other news I had my first Chalupa today and it was pretty damn tasty.

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( Apr. 27th, 2009 02:09 pm)
I hate not knowing where my syllabus is

I think I heard someone say we needed to have a lot more sources than I actually had.

panic panic panic
final page count including that piss poor map I drew is 9 pages. which is to say I've produced 23 pages since I got up yesterday morning,

Yeah fuck chinese class, I need a nap.
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( Apr. 27th, 2009 04:44 am)
Ash has had a really hard weekend. Karon's mom has been over the past two days so he spent most of the weekend in hiding from teh scary new person, and has really only gotten up the nerve to come out really late after shes gone and for the few hours of the morning before she showed up. So here I am, up at an odd hour and Bitten has brought me an assortment of his toys and is proceeding to play by himself and make cute noises at me to show how much fun his toys are and how I would surely feel better after playing with him for a while. Tricksy lil kitty.

and ya know what? out of all the all nighters I've pulled since my glorious return to real college I have to say this one has somehow been the least painful.

Considering it came after having spent ten hours today working on a term paper that really seems shocking.

status update: 1 question and change remaining, home stretch.
and holy crap, that article actually was talking about the material of the question

I'm shocked and appalled, if that keeps up it might seem like I was actually trying on this thing.
and I did the middle school portion of the test which involved my drawing a map of the Oregon Trail.


So far I have completed my two sets of bibliographies, most of the articles therein are likely spurious as I didn't read most of them just the abstracts and they looked at least kinda valid, a map of the Oregon Trail, and a one page description of one of the aforementioned spurious articles. I somehow took an article about the economic impact of steamboats on the Mississippi River system and made it sound interesting. I don't know how, I'm gonna blame fatigue. I didn't even embellish it much.
and when I say stupid I mean stupid. For this he wants us to locate 10 journal articles on two topics, two really obscenely difficult to build a search parameter for topics, and then write a one page review of one of the articles explaining how it is pertinent to the subject of the search. So first of all, build a working bibliography? That is not take home test material in my book, and secondly ten articles? I'm lucky when I dig that many up on something I give a shit about let alone some bullshit you didn't actually cover in class lectures and want to fuck us with on your damn take home test.Further on my outrage'ometer is a question that involves us detailing locations on the Oregon Trail in a book we were never assigned to read. It was not on the book list for the class, I know, I bought my books, the week after classes started, we were never told to read this book and yet there it is on the take home test. I fucking hate this teacher and I swear I will never take another class he fucking teaches just to avoid the insipid asshattery of his tests. I genuinely dread the mere concept of the actual final because I can't see what he would force on us as test questions seeing as what he normally gives us is in no way, shape, or form related to the material he has covered in the class.
give or take 25 minutes. I'm just now finishing up my brain cleansing pause before I dive into the take home test of doom.

More updates as I have them.
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( Apr. 25th, 2009 03:53 pm)
so ive been reading a lot over the past two days. lets not get into that whole I should have started my research weeks ago to do this paper, but seriously the more i read about zebulon pike's expedition into the southwest the less it smells like he was a spy and the more i suspect he was a dupe being used by a traitorous commanding officer. If, as there are claims, he was supposed to be launching an expedition into New Spain why would he be sent with such a small and poorly equipped command. It would seem while 20 men would be an adequate scouting mission into enemy territory that you'd send at least a full company with the majority of the troops stationed at the accepted border as a fall back point if you are found out. Pike sets out from St. Louis with 21 men, himself included, and is down to less than a third of that when he is caught by the Spanish with half his command caught in the mountains with frostbitten or gangrenous feet from the cold as they had been improperly supplied for a winter expedition. Considering that in crossing Kansas Pike found sign of the recent passage of a large body of Spanish troops and the later discovered complicity of his commander with the Spanish it would seem far more likely that rather than spying Pike was meant to either be captured by said party of Spanish or to find them and flee back to more established U.S. territories and in either event stir up conflict thus between the U.S. and Spain either by the capture of a lawful expedition of our military in our territory or by the violation of or territory by such a large body of Spanish troops inside our border.
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( Apr. 15th, 2009 05:52 pm)
So I'm looking at my future and while I sorta have an idea about what I might do I'm throwing out some ideas and curious about what other people think.

So we're talking degree programs today. Right now I'm in a BA+BS program that will have me graduating in 2011 with my certificate to teach high school history. This is fact and will only be changed by me failing chinese at some point and having to retake a semester of that which will kill my soul.

Now by state law in Missouri if I don't have 15 credit hours towards my Master's in 5 years I get my license to teach yanked. So I have multiple options to get my MA and that is what we're really talking about.

OPTION 1-The don't sweat it option-As presented to me today by Dr. Tsieh, head of the UMSL College of History's Graduate Studies-Finish my BA+BS then after I'm working take one, one graduate level class per semester. One class Spring, Summer, and Fall Semester will have me complete a research MA in 4 years. This works good while teaching because it isn't a big load of classes distracting you from your work and then you're finished with the MA rather than only the required half complete. Upside two is that I'm working which means I won't be so dirt poor.

Option 2-The classic MA program-As presented by Dr. Westhoff, coordinating advisor for students in the BA+BS program specializing in History/Social Science-Don't sweat rushing on your MA. Either enter the normal MA program straight after the BA+BS or work a few years then do so and still complete the MA in the window of time allowed to get it half done. The downside here is I'm taking 32-36 hours of classes that won't be under a Pell Grant as you get cut off from that once you have your first BA/BS level degree completed, although that is why colleges still have slave labor, I mean GAs.

Option 3-The Suicide Death March AKA the 2+3 Program-As figured out by Dr. Westhoff and I beating our heads against the crappy website that explained it for 45 minutes-So how this works is I have my 100 level history classes, I take all my other electives(done), my education classes, and my language requirements(almost done). Instead of any junior or senior level history classes, of which I have 9 credit hours completed at the moment, I take 36 hours of graduate level classes and then graduate with a BA, BS and MA. Problem 1-even at best speed I will need multiple summer sessions to finish this by 2012. Problem 2-I will typically have to take two grad level history classes and two other classes in a semester. Problem 3-The kicker- I will likely have to take at least one, possibly two semesters at full time that are ALL graduate level history courses. Thats 12-15 hours of graduate courses in a semester, pretty sure it is actually more often 15 than 12 to get everything done by 2012. The financial upside here is that Since you finish all three degrees at once you get your Pell Grant the entire ride.

I've been waffling on option 3 there since I first heard about it, but after what Dr. Westhoff and I figured out combined with what Dr. Tsieh told me, Option 3 is sounding worse and worse. There is something about the idea of taking 3 500 level classes at once while taking anything else that makes my stomach churn, I'm managing to not think about the semesters I'll be taking 5 of them. So I know what I'm thinking at the moment, I'm curious what other people have to say at the moment. I have lots of people that either are or have been in grad school as readers, and others that just are good sources of advice. Sound off everybody, I'm interested in your thoughts. I go back and register for classes Tuesday next week.
It could just be the Spring Semester blahs, but that and depression, ya know they go hand and hand.

I dunno what's up really, I've just been bored and disinterested in just about everything. School hasn't been grabbing me since Spring Break ended and my motivation has really been in the shitter. It took me three weeks to get up the effort to do my taxes and another week to get up the energy for my FAFSA. It took me a grand total of 45 minutes to do them both.

I've been trying to get up the urge to work on a couple of papers for a few weeks now, hasn't really happened yet. Maybe this weekend. It's not even a weird I want the semester to be over, cause I really don't have that I just sorta wanna curl up and take a nap for a month.

Not sure what I'm doing for the summer yet, I was thinking about taking this review class for Chinese so you don't forget everything, but it's three and a half hours two days a week. I'm really not sure I could put up with Le Laoshi for that long in one shot.

Interesting thing I learned last semester, the y in ye does not get pronounced as y but it is a shorthand for th, ye is actually the. Fun with learning about the middle ages.

So spring break was actually pretty good. Lots of running around and doing stuff. As maybe half my reading public are aware Econ was supposed to be two weekends ago, but it wasn't so much with the happening. So since Karon's sister already had the time off we had our impromptu Darcycon when she was up to visit. There was hanging out in Carbondale and Fairview Heights. Lots of tasty food, we went with the other Josh to see Watchmen even though the rest of us had all seen it already. It honestly wasn't too bad the second go through, had more of an opportunity to notice little details you miss on the first watch through. There was also a rousing game of Apples to Apples and much fun was had by all.

First few days were sort of a blur, there was a failed attempt to pick up Karon's glasses and then her councilor was going to be out of town on Friday so we had to go down Wednesday. At some point in those first few days we went to this new Chinese place in Collinsville over by the new Gamespot and I think it wins for best Chinese food in a short distance. Now I mean, the place in Fairview that we used to go to had a hibachi and sushi chef but the normal food you expect at a Chinese restaurant here is just tastier, the fried rice looks like fresh fried rice rather than that yellow stuff you normally see places. It's just damn tasty.

Thursday was gaming, I think we were a little dense, or else the adventure is a little obtuse about giving clues between lots of hey werewolves and then a red herring about vampires, assuming that is the red herring, who knows? Everyone had fun though even if we weren't sure what we were supposed to be investigating. Also it snowed in game so my gator Giselle didn't get much field time, though I did have a fun time rigging up snowshoes for myself and the party as well as going and buying wolfsbane to poison the militia head with when we had ample reason to suspect he was a werewolf.

Friday we succeeded in getting Karon's new glasses and then we had our fun outing to the city museum. Katie had been trying to organize this for about a month and taken constant set backs due to Watchmen, midterms, the beginning of spring break, but Friday it finally happened and I'm glad it did. If you haven't been it is hard to explain it all but to sum up it is a giant jungle gym for adults. Don't get me wrong, lots of kids running about too, until around 10ish or so, but there are lots of neat things to go crawling around in and climbing through tubes and fake caves. There is also a really cool steam punky area with a giant slide in it. All it needed was an empty diving suit and a sign reading "Welcome to Rapture." It was a grand adventure and weather permitting it might get added to the itinerary for my next birthday.

Saturday was a nice lazy day around the house, it was cold and rainy so we kibashed our original trip to the art museum as modot was not able to generate me a map to the art museum around the construction. I didn't think it would be good for our health to have to walk from the metrolink stop across Forest Park to Art Hill. By Sunday though I had managed to finagle a map out of modot and we were off and able to park at the bottom of the hill and only had to walk up to the museum. The reason for our outing? There was a really interesting exhibit of Ming Dynasty items at the art museum. It was a really interesting exhibit and you could rent out an ipod that came preloaded with tracks that explained a goodly number of the items on display. The downside was that the items were somewhat oddly organize so you were left sometimes hunting to find what the next track on the ipod was talking about. All in all it was a really fun trip, we came back and hit the Chinese place again because it seemed good and thematic for our day.

So all in all, short of the time I drove to Virginia then Chicago and back home I think it might have been one of my most active spring breaks, all in all too short though as my only paperwork accomplishment was finishing Karon and my own taxes.
I also should check mystalk to see if people left any comments over there.

So I'm 27, thus ends the boring news.

The birthday went really well in my opinion, a couple people had to bail because of fatigue, bad group presentations, work, etc, but enough people made it that I didn't have any twinges of "blah people secretly don't like me." Seriously if you don't like me just tell me so I can stab you in the eye and call it even.

So we went to the Japanese place I like, cause it is the only time of the year I have an excuse to. It was really tasty and much fun was had by all, the hibachi chef did something new this year where he caught bowls in his hat, always neat to see something new.

Eel and Rhiannon got to meet some of my other friends and the others got to meet them. I think Josef might have scared Rhiannon a bit. After dinner we went back home and played apples to apples for...a while. I'm not really sure when we got home, but Josef, Jason and Karla left at 1:30ish so we played for a long time, quite probably till Eel and Rhiannon got home to Carbondale.

Did I mention my ice cream cake was super tasty and full of minty win. Coldstone is a helluva lot more expensive than DQ, but I think it is really worth it.

Day two of the birthday weekend we ran down to Carbondale for Karon's appointment and then went and hung out with our buddy Rich. Rich played enablement bingo by poking me at video games I might want and stalling long enough for the by two get one free sale to make me go ahead and grab a lot more than I might otherwise have bought. But got two "new" games for me on 360 and a ps2 game Karon thought looked neat. A little after that we smoseyed on home.

Saturday was spent in large playing my new games and watching classic Star Trek. Karon had seen maybe three episodes before and been unimpressed because one which she saw repeatedly was the one with the gorn which is arguably kinda lame. So after our classic Trek movie marathon back at New Years she's started watching the old series and has been making some excellent headway. The past few weeks now we've probably watched an episode or two a night before bed.

Sunday saw the weekend coming to its natural end and I finally got to hang out with my buddy AJ and his wife Andrea. We went over and ended up playing Wii Yahtzee of all things and eating dinner. Conversation was mainly playing catchup with the usual round of when are we gonna get married. We made our escape after they played the but what about you two having kids card. Red Alert! Shields to maximum! Scotty we need warp speed now!

So that was the birthday weekend, all in all pretty darn good.

Monday morning I was sick, like right after I got to school, and two more times before I had to go to class. I'm thinking it might be the fake crab. I think 80% of the times I've gotten sick after having Chinese food it has involved crab rangoon. So my current working theory is that fake crab and I don't mix. Interesting since I really don't like actual crab that much either.

I came home I took a nap with Dinah on the couch while watching Hudson Hawk, did my homework, and futzed away the evening.

I also got a couple new cute kitty picks of Dinah. Ash continues to not let me get quality pictures of him. He just doesn't really photo well. The trials of being a black cat I suppose.
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( Mar. 9th, 2009 10:06 pm)
insert maniacal laughter

so I was right I won't achieve step 7 in point of fact apparently someone else is

I got home and found a bill for $371 for something I'm pretty sure I already fucking paid last month which had not stipulated anywhere that it was not a bill for the total amount.

So I've been melting my brain with a vast quantity of Spectral Force 3 since I got home.
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( Mar. 9th, 2009 12:38 pm)
I love how as soon as my tests and presentation are done, the instant, I no longer feel like I'm going to puke.

So far this class is recap today, I wonder if he forgot he was up to the Sino-Japanese war last time.

starting to doubt that I'm gonna get to step 7.